Small Business Grants for Hiring Science/Engineering Graduates

The MITACS Enterprise business funding grants program provides support to small businesses through 6-month internships involving Bachelor, Masters, or Ph.D graduates, as well as Masters or Ph.D students in the science, technical, engineering and math (STEM) fields of study. MITACS will facilitate the following:

  • Match qualified interns with SMEs
  • Deliver business and management training
  • Facilitate a peer support network
  • Monitor progress
  • Support skill and knowledge transfer to SME
  • Ensure mentorship in SME business processes and entrepreneurship

MITACS Enterprise: Funding for Small Business Eligibility

For SMEs to be qualified to receive these Canadian business grants, they must possess the following:

  • Less than 1,000 employees
  • For-profit company
  • Operate in Southern Ontario

Eligible interns for this small business funding grants program:

  • Must be current or recent graduate of STEM program
  • Not have previously participated in MITACS Enterprise program
  • Ontario resident
  • Not currently employed 

The Canadian government program for hiring and training will provide funding up to a maximum of 50% of the salaries, with the participating businesses will be responsible for covering the rest of the balance.  This program has a significant advantage over other Canadian Government Grants for Hiring because it allows businesses to receive funding for one or more interns simultaneously, up to a maximum of $10K-15K in Canadian business grants. Applicants are encouraged to begin searching for interns or speaking with a MITACS representative as program spots will be limited.

Mentor Works: Canadian Government Funding Experts

Businesses who are interested in receiving any additional application advice or support can contact one of our Canadian Government Funding Experts or leave an inquiry in the comment section below. We also encourage our readers to follow us on Twitter and sign up for our Weekly Canadian Government Funding Newsletter to receive the latest updates on government funding Canada.

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