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Women entrepreneurs can receive up to $15,000 in micro loan support for their business operations through a funding program with the Northumberland Business Development Assistance Corp (NCFDC). This program is called the DELIA program, which stands for Develop, Educate, Lead, Innovate and Accelerate. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure that by 2024, DELIA is acting as a revolving and evergreen microcredit fund to help Canadian women entrepreneurs start, stabilize, and expand their businesses.

“Our organization is committed to supporting collective efforts to close the access to capital gap which women have experienced for too long. We are pleased to be working with ISED Canada to unleash the full potential of inclusive economic growth.”

NCFDC Executive Director Wendy Curtis

The Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy supports the NCFDC’s goal of advancing gender equity in economic advancement. Moreover, A limited amount of 1:1 mentoring, and support may be provided to DELIA loan recipients, as well as networking, referrals, group-based training, and other services.

What is the NCFDC?

In 1985, Northumberland Business Development Assistance Corporation (NCFDC) was founded to assist entrepreneurs with financing and strategy. The NCFDC is a non-profit organization focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, it is recognized as a non-governmental organization. NCFDC is based east of Toronto in Northumberland, in the Venture13 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre.

The Community Futures Program (CFP) funding has been provided since 2001 through FedDev Ontario. Funding from this organization is provided via a variety of initiatives and may reach up to $250,000. Programs are available to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) through the NCFDC.

Funding Amount

An applicant that is successful may receive a standard two-year loan up to $15,000 at a risk-rated interest rate of Prime +2% to Prime +4%. In the case of an approved application, an Administrative Fee of 1% of the principal will apply. There are no prepayment charges. In addition to the advance, an administration fee of 1% of the principal will be applied.

Applicant Eligibility

The following criteria may apply to applicants:

  • Citizen of Canada;
  • The applicant must be at least 19 years old;
  • Business owned and operated by one person;
  • Small Canadian for-profit businesses incorporated federally, provincially, or territorially;
  • Incorporated under a federal, provincial, or territorial government; and
  • The organization receives revenue from the regular supply of good and services/personal property.

Eligible Activities

The following activities may be funded:

  • Investing in capital assets;
  • Costs associated with the rental of office equipment and offices;
  • Benefits and salaries of employees;
  • The cost of purchasing IT/software licenses;
  • Services that are professional;
  • Inventory/supply security;
  • Property rights;
  • Funds for working capital;
  • Marketing/advertising/business promotion;
  • Employee training;
  • Short term receivable financing; and
  • Business start up costs.

Program Timelines

There is no official deadline for this program, it is designed to have a revolving intake. However, it is encouraged that interested businesses apply for funding as soon as possible.

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