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Fund Your Next Project with NGen’s Advanced Manufacturing Projects 2023 Intake 

Manufacturing is one of Canada’s largest sectors and acts as a huge driver of the Canadian economy. To continue the growth of this critical sector, the NGen organization is administering government funding to assist with developing new technologies and implementing stronger systems. 

It is the mission of NGen’s Advanced Manufacturing Project Program to accelerate the commercialization and scale-up of advanced manufacturing technologies in the Canadian manufacturing sector. It is with great pleasure that NGen extends an invitation to Canadian manufacturers and technology companies to form project consortiums in the development of new advanced manufacturing processes that harness the capabilities of transformative technologies. 

“We are founded on the principle that digital transformation in advanced manufacturing will enrich the lives of Canadians, delivering better products and good jobs while generating the economic growth essential to a better future.”

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This article provides information about this NGen program, as well as the eligibility criteria businesses need to meet to be eligible. 

Amount of Funding 

Funding is variable according to applicant need. 

Eligible Applicants 

Eligible businesses must be incorporated in Canada as well as have a presence that goes beyond just a sales office and includes a value-added component (e.g., R&D, manufacturing). 

In addition, applicants should have one or more of the following characteristics: 

  • For-profit organizations; 
  • The ecosystem is facilitated and facilitated by a non-profit organization, but facilitates and funds research and development on behalf of the ecosystem, whose funding and/or revenue comes primarily from private-sector or industry organizations; 
  • The Crown Corporation is a non-federal Crown corporation, which receives funding from its commercial activities for its operations; 
  • A group or organization that works with Indigenous people; and 
  • In addition to those entities approved by the Minister in advance, any other entity may be considered. 

Eligible Activities 

For a project to qualify for NGen’s funding, it must meet four core strategic criteria. 

  • Transformative: The project must confer a significant global competitive advantage to Canadian industry; 
  • Collaborative: Eligible projects must demonstrate meaningful collaboration with at least two Canadian partners in the industry; 
  • Applied: The project must have a short or medium path to commercialization, as well as generate significant commercial and economic value; and 
  • Enduring: The project must provide broader benefits to Canada’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem. 

Program Deadline 

Applicants must submit their screening applications by June 15, 2023. 

Government Funding for Manufacturing 

There are many government funding opportunities for manufacturing businesses in Canada. To find government funding programs available today, please visit our government funding for manufacturing directory.  

The government funding landscape is complex and changes often which can prove challenging for businesses that don’t have the time to follow all updates. We’ve developed a weekly government funding newsletter that keeps businesses up to date with the latest programs, and provides free resources and events. 

Mentor Works, a Ryan Company streamlines the government funding process through optimized processes and resources. Businesses are paired with an experienced team of professional grant writers who complete each stage of the funding process. 

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