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Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) is an industry-led, non-profit organization dedicated to building next generation manufacturing capabilities. It is one of six “superclusters” created from Canada’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative and maintains a pool of funding to award to competitive member-based projects. This pool of funding created the NGen Manufacturing Program, which seeks competitive proposals for collaborative manufacturing technology projects.

The NGen Manufacturing Program has an open, two-stage application process. Qualified projects can apply anytime.

To apply for NGen supercluster funding, applicants (partnerships of three or more industry partners plus other collaborators) need to be members of the NGen Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster. Membership is free but requires an additional application. Partnerships can apply for NGen funding anytime.

About the NGen Manufacturing Program: Manufacturing Technology Funding

As part of the federal Innovation Superclusters Initiative, the NGen Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster (Next Generation Manufacturing Canada) manages a pool of funding designed to spur collaboration between manufacturers and technology developers. Projects typically focus on development of high-potential technologies, creating groundbreaking process transformation, and de-risking technology adoption.

Through the NGen Manufacturing Program, innovative partnerships may receive up to 44.4% of eligible project costs to a maximum $20 million per project.

Due to the collaborative nature of supercluster funding, innovative manufacturing grants are awarded to support partnerships involving NGen members. To qualify for funding, your organization needs to partner with other for-profit NGen members that can also contribute towards project deliverables. Projects typically span 18-36 months and conclude upon the successful implementation of a new, technology-based manufacturing innovation.

Projects Eligible for Next Generation Manufacturing Canada Funding

To be considered for NGen Manufacturing Program funding, projects must:

  • Be transformational in scale or impact for its participants;
  • Have a wider benefit to Canada’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem; and
  • Help Canadian manufacturing companies compete globally.

Additionally, projects must align to at least one of four project streams:

  • High-Potential Technology Development: Developing and scaling technology solutions that give Canadian manufacturing companies a distinct competitive advantage;
  • Technology Adoption: Game-changing technologies applied in transforming existing manufacturing processes;
  • Technology Diffusion: Developing new manufacturing capabilities based on the application of advanced technologies; and
  • Ecosystem Development: Development of new training programs, tools, and testbeds that fill gaps in Canada’s infrastructure in support of manufacturing.

NGen Collaborative Partnership Eligibility Requirements

Partnerships requesting funding from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada must:

  • Have at least three private sector partner companies contributing to the project;
  • Bring together manufacturing and technology capabilities for the project (although partners may come from all industries and sectors); and
  • Exclusively include project contributors who are NGen members. Membership is free.

How to Apply for NGen Canadian Manufacturing Grants

For NGen supercluster funding consideration, applicants need to be members of the NGen Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster. Membership is free but requires an application. NGen members can develop partnerships independently or use NGen’s matchmaking services to identify other members interested in the project. Once a qualified partnership is established, it can apply for funding.

NGen funding applications require that all project participants are identified and only include NGen members.

There is an open intake available for applications; collaborative partnerships need to submit their first of two applications, the “Initial Application,”. Applications meeting basic program criteria will advance to a second “Full Application” screening where projects are evaluated based on their merit and value for funding requested.

To kick off the NGen Manufacturing Program application process, please become a NGen supercluster member or contact

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