Non-Profit Grant Funding for Business Sector Development

Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) provides Ontario Government funding support to Canadian sectoral organizations for the planning and development of sector-based training programs. The Sector Initiatives Fund Program (SIF) is intended to support the sharing of industry best practices and improves Ontario’s competitiveness and sector capacity.

Sector Initiative Fund (SIF) – Government Grants for Non-Profit Program Development

The Sector Initiatives Fund (SIF) provides up to $250k to non-profit sectoral groups or 50% of the eligible costs for the development of training courses, program standards, and learning materials to improve the performance and competitiveness of their industry. Under this program, sector organizations would be eligible to receive funding for costs related to the development of:

  • Sector-focused Curriculums and Learning Plans
  • Occupational Standards
  • Innovative Training Materials (Audio-visual, online or software based training modules, etc.)
  • Certification, Testing, and Accreditation Programs
  • Pilot Versions of Programs and Materials

Organizations requesting grant funding for business sector initiatives should be able to demonstrate their program’s intentions to match those of the entire sector in terms of skills shortages, industry competitiveness, and future growth & prosperity.

Who is Eligible to Receive Ontario Business Grants?

In order to be eligible to apply, organizations must be able to prove their validity as a representative of their industry sectors. Eligible sponsoring organizations may include but are not limited to:

  • Sector Groups/Councils
  • Management or Labour Associations
  • Trade and Professional Organization
  • Industry or Sector Consortiums

Additional Canadian Government Grants for Sectoral Program Development

At the moment, SIF is not accepting proposals for new projects taking place in 2013. In the past, this program has had a call for proposals in April; however, this may be subject to change due to availability of funds and other factors. Non-Profit Sectoral Organizations interested in receiving funding similar to this program may want to look into the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) or Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) to fund their projects.


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