NSERC – Idea to Innovation (I2I) Program

The purpose of the NSERC’s Idea to Innovation Program is to encourage the pre-competitive development of promising technology from universities and colleges and advance it’s transfer to Canadian companies. This is a grant program involving different phases. Up to $125,000 of funding is provided for phase IIa and up to $350,000 for phase IIb.

This program supports R&D activities by academic institutions including refining and implementing designs, verifying application, conducting field studies, preparing demonstrations, demonstrating proof-of-concept, building engineering prototypes, and performing beta trials.
Support for technology transfer activities include market studies, consulting fees, patenting expenses, and travel expenses related to developing partnerships.

Next Steps

This is a great opportunity to advance technology in academic environments and promote the transfer to Canadian companies. For more information about the several phases and requirements, contact Mentor Works for support and guidance. And be sure to investigate other partnership programs, including NSERC Engage (partnership with University), CONII (partnership with College), and MITACS Accelerate (Masters/Ph.D. hire).

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