NSERC Research Grants for Natural Sciences & Engineering Students

Young Business WorkersThe Canadian federal government knows the importance of tapping into Canada’s post-secondary talent pool to encourage innovation- there are a wide variety of grants and incentives available related to both post-secondary and industry. Both parties have felt the positive impact of the support programs, particularly through the programs provided by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). One of these programs, specifically for post-secondary institutions and students, provides undergraduate students with relevant research work experience for a 16-week period to assist with a university project related to natural sciences and engineering.

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards

This wage subsidy for students is known as the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award, which provides up to $4,500 in research grants to the student for 16-weeks. The university is required to support the amount of the award by at least 25% of its value from other sources (ie. University funds, NSERC grants). Travel allowance may also be awarded if the student is working at a differing university to the one they are enrolled at.

Please note that this program is for post-secondary institutions and undergraduate students. Student interested in applying for this program should note that there are several eligibility factors to consider before applying. Applicants must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  • Be registered in a Canadian bachelor’s degree program in natural sciences or engineering at an eligible university at the time that they business applies; and
  • Have obtained a cumulative average of at least a second class (a grade of “B-“ or “B”) as defined by the candidate’s university.

Although these research grants are not guaranteed for all applicants, students can apply more than once as long as they have completed at least one or two academic terms following the first work term. Candidate may also have one bachelor’s degree and be working towards their second bachelor’s degree, however Master’s and Ph.D. candidates will not be eligible for this funding program.

Applying for NSERC Canadian Government Funding for Undergrad Students

Students can apply directly to their post-secondary institution of choice. Each institution may impose their own deadlines for applications, so please consult the institution directly to determine their intake. Work terms can commence at a time agreed on by the student and the university. Students can find the application forms on NSERC’s Website.

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