Ontario Angel Groups Receive Funding through FedDev’s IBI

funding for angel investors in OntarioThe Southwestern Ontario Angel Group (SWOAG) will receive funds through the non-profit stream of FedDev Ontario’s funding program, Investing in Business Innovation (IBI). The investment of $500,000 will help the organization to increase its membership as well as its pool of investment funds to enhance its support of earl-stage, high-growth companies.

FedDev Ontario Mandate to Help Grow a Strong and Diversified Southern Ontario Economy

The Investing in Business Innovation program is a part of FedDev Ontario’s Southern Ontario Prosperity Initiatives (SOPI’s) mandate to help develop a robust economy in southern Ontario.

Our Government, through FedDev Ontario, continues to invest in jobs, growth and prosperity by supporting start-up and early-stage businesses. Innovative start-ups need access to capital today to grow into the flagship businesses of tomorrow and we are creating that environment, right here, in London.” –Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for FedDev Ontario

$500,000 Investment will be used for Outreach and Promotional Activities, Educational Tools, and More

The Southwestern Ontario Angel Group will use the funding to support outreach and promotional activities, develop educational tools and seminars, as well as improve reporting and monitoring systems. These activities and projects will help the organization increase its capacity to identify, prepare and present better investment opportunities to its members, which will benefit businesses looking for capital. In addition to providing funding support, angel investors also play a significant role in coaching and mentoring small businesses during their early stages of growth.

Free FedDev Funding for Large Projects Webinar: Learn More about Investing in Business Innovation (IBI) Funding

Investing in Business Innovation is just one of several funding instruments offered to high-growth Southern Ontario businesses through FedDev Ontario. Attend a Free FedDev Funding for Large-Projects Webinar to learn more about how your organization can benefit from these and other popular funding programs.

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