Employment Supports has launched the Disability Support Program in order to help people with disabilities prepare for work and find a job or start their own business. Some employment supports examples are the following:

  • Job coaching
  • Help keeping a job
  • Help finding a job
  • Help preparing for a job
  • Transportation assistance
  • Software and mobility devices that can help you do your job
  • Tools and equipment you need for your job
  • Specialized computer training
  • Other items you may need

The candidate will work with a community service provider to see what type of support is needed.

Disability Support Program Eligibility

To be eligible for Employment Supports, you must:

  • Be a resident of Ontario
  • Be able to work in Canada
  • Be 16 years of age or older
  • Have a disability that makes it hard for you to find or keep a job
  • Have a disability that is expected to last a year or more

Your service provider will then help you:

  • Identify an employment goal
  • Figure out the support you need to achieve your goal
  • Develop an action plan

Ontario Government Funding Opportunities for Employers

The Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities program offers funding for local, regional, and national projects. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. You are eligible for these Ontario business grants if you are a:

  • Business
  • Organization
  • Individual people with disabilities
  • Public health and educational institutions
  • Municipal governments

The funding for local and regional projects is distributed through a contribution agreement with a service provider.

Additional Canadian Government Funding Support

For more information on Canadian business funding mechanisms, please be sure to contact Mentor Works, the Canadian Government Funding Planners or subscribe to our Weekly Small Business Funding E-Newsletter.

Canadian Small Business Funding News

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17 July 2019 Reply

I am on ODSP I was wondering if I can use your program to help me start up my small business.

18 July 2019 Reply

Hi Aaron – this program is not currently accepting applications, however please refer to our list of Government Funding for Hiring & Training to explore other options. Please keep in mind that all government funding programs related to for-profit businesses require the applicant to have a Canadian incorporated business in order to apply.

21 July 2019 Reply

A friend and I are in the process of becoming franchisees/distributors for an established Canadian company. I have a brain injury and limited vision. Are there any grants available to us, or any other assistance? Thank you in advance for any help and/or advice.

23 July 2019 Reply

Hi Lisa – Although the program mentioned in this blog is not currently open to applications, there could be other programs available to support your business. What we recommend for businesses in the startup phase is to evaluate the various Startup Resources (click for more info) available to see which options you can leverage to finance and structure your new business. Be cautious, as some of the programs are not applicable to franchisees. All the best with this exciting new chapter of your career!

5 September 2019 Reply

Can you advise where my daughter, a freelance graphic artist with a brain injury and sever hearing loss, can get some training and support for running her business?

11 September 2019 Reply

Hi Katherine – Although this program is no longer available, we do encourage entrepreneurs to visit our Startup Resources Page to see the type of support available to startups in their planning and early-stage growth phases. The best of luck to you and your daughter.

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