The Health Technology Exchange is providing assistance to Ontario-based medical manufacturers looking to keep large-scale global R&D projects in Ontario. The Ontario Flagship Program aims to take advantage of Ontario’s high-skilled researchers and resources by providing financial aid to keep R&D activities from being outsourced internationally.

Funding Amount & Eligibility

The Ontario Flagship Program is aimed at large-scale R&D projects. Typical projects range from $1.5M to $15M over five years. The Program will cover up to 15% of the total project’s value in either performance-based loans or grants. Applicants and partners must be based in Ontario and an applicant must have at least one partner in the form of an Ontario-based SME, academic institution, or healthcare organization.

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To learn more about how to conduct Ontario R&D projects with up to 15% financial coverage, please contact Mentor Works. If your project is small-scale, we can provide you with alternative government funding opportunities to leverage your R&D activities. Be sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the latest government funding news and resources.

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