Ontario Food Producers Assisted By $12-million Ontario Market Investment Fund

Local food producers in Ontario are receiving backup by the Ontario Government. A funding initiative called The Ontario Market Investment Fund (OMIF) seeks to promote consumer awareness of local food, encouraging consumers to buy locally.

Who is eligible?

The funding initiative covers companies along the Ontario food supply chain, as well as organizations that focus on locally grown food. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) have highlighted four main eligible categories:

  • Strategic alliances consisting of individuals, businesses, farmers, processors, community organizations, including not-for-profit, and/or municipalities.
  • Agriculture and food industry associations in Ontario, such as the food retail and the food service industry.
  • Groups of two or more partner organizations or businesses with at least one food producer or processor.

Please note that individuals or individual businesses may not apply as sole applicants.

What does it cover?

OMIF covers 50% of the project’s costs, under the following eligible components:

  • Market research aimed at increasing the understanding of consumer and trade channel demands, as well as sector capabilities.
  • Marketing activities, including advertising and promotional materials.
  • Costs relating to project management.

How do I get start?

Mentor Works will work closely with you through the entire application process to ensure the best outcome possible. To get started, please contact us directly. Once the application is submitted, you should receive a response in approximately eight weeks.

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