$1M in Research Grants Awarded to Cultivate Disease-Resistant Crops

Research Grants to cultivate disease-resistant crops and support Canadian Agriculture

Among all of the crops produced by Canadian farmers, apples and greenhouse tomatoes generate some of the highest revenues. In 2015 alone, Canadian agriculture farmers earned over $230 million from apple sales and nearly $830 million from greenhouse tomatoes, each boasting strong domestic and international sales. However, pests and bacteria can pose a threat to crop yields and thus impact revenue. Luckily, Canadian producers and processors have the opportunity to access various research grants to support their innovative projects.

To sustain this economic advantage, the Canadian government announced a new research project that will boost yields and increase profits among apple and greenhouse tomato growers. In partnership with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, close to $1 million in research grants will be leveraged to cultivate disease-resistant strains of each crop.

This research funding is made possible through Growing Forward 2’s AgriInnovation Program. Up to $920,000 will be provided for the project, enabling scientists to further innovate Canada’s agricultural industry.

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Agricultural Research and Development Centre Boosts Industry’s Innovation

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) is a federal agency that manages economic development and performance of the Canadian agriculture industry. Through this latest support, AAFC will invest up to $920 million in Canadian government funding for the development of new crop strains. Engineering a disease-resistant strain will lead to the long-term success of Canadian farmers, and is therefore of great importance to the Government of Canada.

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is a non-profit organization located in Niagara, Ontario. Established in 1906, the Centre enables collaboration between industry and scientific researchers to respond to new market opportunities. Innovations developed by the Centre have led to:

  • Overall improved produce flavour and tenderness;
  • Low-light tolerance during cultivation; and
  • Increased adoption and commercialization.

“Our goal is always to increase industry competitiveness while meeting consumer preferences for locally-grown crops.”
– Jim Brandle, Chief Executive Officer of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Research Grants Supporting Canadian Agriculture Tech Projects

Agricultural producers and processors can apply for Canadian research grants throughout the year. Some of the most popular agricultural small business grants include:

Growing Forward 2 Agricultural Business Grants Canada

Growing Forward 2 is a $2 billion investment leveraging federal, provincial, and territorial government funding. The program’s Ontario variant supports a range of business expansion projects, such as technology adoption and development activities that lead to increased revenues. Agricultural producers and processors in Ontario may receive up to 35-50% of project related costs to a maximum $350,000 in small business grants.

AgriInnovation Canadian Government Grants for Technology Research and Development

AgriInnovation grants support Canadian technology development, commercialization, and adoption projects. The program was created to accelerate technological development and help food producers/processors become more competitive. Depending on the project focus, scope, and budget, two program streams may be used:

  • Agri-Science Cluster: Large-scale, national projects may receive Canadian government grants valued up to 50% of project costs to a maximum $20 million. Projects must contain multiple participants from industry, academia, and/or government organizations. These projects address issues with multiple commodities, or issues affecting agriculture producers/processors across Canada.
  • Agri-Science Project: Small-scale projects will be awarded up to 50% of eligible expenses to a maximum $5 million in Canadian research grants. These smaller projects are the most common type for Canadian businesses, and often deal with one commodity or are focused on one geographic region.

Begin Using Canadian Agricultural Grants for Strategic Projects

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