Overview of Apprenticeship Programs and Tax Credits

an apprentice at workMentor Works connects with many businesses that have questions about hiring an apprentice. We appreciate that the process of hiring an apprentice can appear to be complicated. For this reason we have endeavoured to provide you with the information you need to know and a clear process to follow.

Ontario Apprenticeship Programs Overview

The Province of Ontario has apprenticeship programs available for more than 150 trades and occupations in four sectors:

  • Construction,
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Motive Power
  • Service

Types of Apprenticeships in the Province of Ontario

There are two types of Apprentices in Ontario.

Regulated Apprenticeships in Ontario:

  • The Province of Ontario has established guidelines surrounding the certification and apprenticeship process of what are called ‘skilled trades’.
  • Many regulated trades are governed by a set of regulations set out by the industry standards for a particular trade.
  • Examples of regulated trades: electrician, tool and die maker

Non-regulated Apprenticeships in Ontario

  • The province of Ontario has worked to establish schedules of training for trades that are non-regulated.
  • Non-regulated trades are usually employer-established trade areas that have demonstrated a need for a formalized training program through apprenticeship.
  • Examples of non-regulated trades include: Early Childhood Educator, Gemsetter/Goldsmith, and Heavy Equipment Operator

Regulated and Non-Regulated Apprenticeships in Ontario

Find out which trades are considered regulated or non-regulated in Ontario.  Also be aware that tax credits exist for employers of apprentices.   Tax credits are available for up to 120 trades.

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