Preliminary Overview of the New AgriInnovation Program (AIP)

bigstock-Beautiful-pattern-of-bright-g-16696598The AgriInnovation Program (AIP) is one of three new programs that were announced earlier this month at the Canadian Government funding conference announcing the New Growing Forward 2 Policy Framework. AgriInnovation will support research institutions and Canadian SMEs with the development and commercialization of new and innovative agri-food/agriculture related products and technologies.

AgriInnovation Program Details

Similar to the 2011/2012 Agricultural Innovation Program set out by the previous Growing Forward Policy, the new AIP program will provide repayable/non-repayable business funding grants through two separate streams of funding:

Stream A – Industry-led Research and Development

Canadian government funding for research and development/technology transfer projects to bring new agri-related products, services, services, and technologies to the pre-commercialization stages of development. Eligible applicants can receive non-repayable grant funding for business and research support through two types of project scenarios:

  • Agri-science cluster: Funding is intended to facilitate a national-scope, industry-led research project(s) to address the identified objectives of the Canadian agricultural sector. Projects require collaboration amongst the top industry, academic, and government researchers. Through one application, organizations may receive funding to support multiple projects and initiatives.
  • Agri-science Project: Eligible applicants can receive government funding support for single or a smaller-scale set of agri-science related projects. Projects would be less comprehensive in size; however, intended project outcomes could address regional and local priorities as well as national.


Stream B – Enabling Commercialization and Adoption

The Enabling Commercialization and Adoption stream provides Canadian Government funding to support the testing, demonstration, and adoption of pre-commercialized/agri-related products, services, processes, and technologies. Funding contributions will be fully-repayable and intended for late stage development, testing, and demonstration activities to fully commercialize an agricultural innovation.

Available Grant Funding for Small Business

The AgriInnovation Program, and other programs under the Growing Forward 2 Initiative, will not be officially released until April 2013. Interested organizations may contact the AAFC to see if they are eligible in submitting an early application; however, funding decisions will not be expressed prior to the official release date.  Applicants may stack projects with funding from both streams up to a max of $10M per annum.

View one of the links below for more information on Steam B of the AgriInnovation program:


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