Responsive Advancement for Meat Processing (RAMP)

Responsive Advancement for Meat Processing (RAMP) Retroactive Funding for 2022-2023

The Responsive Advancement for Meat Processing (RAMP) is a Canadian government funding program that aims to support the growth and innovation of Canada’s meat processing industry. The program provides financial assistance to eligible companies, organizations, and individuals who are looking to improve their operations, increase their competitiveness, and develop new products and technologies.

RAMP is designed to support a wide range of activities, including research and development, capital investments, and market development initiatives. The program is open to all sectors of the meat processing industry, including beef, pork, poultry, and other meats.

The funding provided through RAMP is intended to help companies address specific challenges and opportunities in the industry, such as improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing productivity. Additionally, the program aims to support the development of new products and technologies that can help to meet the changing needs of consumers and markets.

Amount of Funding:

Eligible applicants can receive up to 75% of eligible costs covered to a maximum of $25,000.

Eligible Applicants:

To apply for funding, interested parties must submit a detailed proposal outlining their project and its expected outcomes. Applications are reviewed on a competitive basis and successful applicants are selected based on their potential to make a significant impact on the meat processing industry.

To be eligible for funding though RAMP, businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Are a provincially or federally inspected abattoir or free-standing meat processing plant located in Northern Ontario.
  • Both start-up and existing businesses are eligible. Start-up businesses are expected to provide a business plan.

Eligible Activities:

Businesses that are eligible for funding through the Responsive Advancement for Meat Processing (RAMP) program can receive funding towards the following eligible activities:

  • Projects that enable the establishment of new commercial processing facilities (i.e., building materials, processing equipment);
  • Projects that help businesses reduce ecological impact, adopt clean technologies and/or focus on waste reduction (i.e., waste reduction technology, water usage reduction, energy efficiencies with cooling);
  • Projects to enable meat processors to create new value-added products to increase market share (i.e., vacuum packing equipment, packaging equipment);
  • Equipment to increase automation or increase efficiencies in meat processing (i.e., walk-in freezers, efficient hanging and storage equipment, grinders, and meat slicers);
  • Projects that enable efficient and safe distribution systems to improve productivity (i.e., crates, trailers, cold storage);
  • Projects that address communication and tracking needs (i.e., updated tracking systems); and
  • Equipment or infrastructure to address modernization of plants according to regulations (i.e., barriers, food safety equipment).

Eligible Costs:

Within the eligible activities listed above, the following items can receive up to 75% of costs covered through the RAMP funding program.

  • Meat processing equipment;
  • Animal handling equipment;
  • Food packaging or labeling equipment;
  • Cold storage equipment;
  • Waste management equipment;
  • Building materials;
  • Equipment Delivery Costs;
  • Technology upgrades; and
  • Telecommunication Equipment and other equipment to enhance communications.

Apply for Responsive Advancement for Meat Processing (RAMP):

The RAMP program offers funding for costs incurred between Apr 1, 2022, and Dec 31, 2023. A completed Final Results Report will be due December 31, 2023.

Learn more about growing your Ontario agriculture through our free downloadable Agribusiness Funding Guide PDF. This document covers recent trends and funding programs available to businesses in this sector.

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