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SCAP: Agri-Tech Innovation Initiative Funds Up To $100K  

As part of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP), the government of Canada is supporting Canadian agricultural and agri-food businesses as they expand production capacity and invest in innovative technology, equipment, or processes that will enhance efficiency through the Agri-Tech Innovation Initiative

“Through the Sustainable CAP program, we’re supporting innovation and helping farmers and producers adopt new technologies. By working with the province on these initiatives, we can help the sector enhance their production capacity while also improving energy efficiency to create a more resilient future for agriculture in Ontario.”

– Honorable Lawrence MacAulay, Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. 

Funding Snapshot: SCAP Agri-Tech Innovation Initiative  

The Agri-Tech Innovation Initiative supports farmers and food processors investing in innovative technologies, equipment, and processes to increase production levels. The program is unique in that it gives priority to projects promoting cybersecurity measures or enhancements within the agricultural industry. 

Funding Amount 

Projects can receive up to 50% of eligible project costs to a maximum of $100,000 for innovation technology and equipment projects. Larger projects will be eligible for 35% to a maximum of $100K. 

Eligible Applicants 

Farm and food processing businesses are eligible for funding under this program. 

Eligible Activities 

Projects must help farms and food processors invest in innovative technology,  equipment, or processes that will expand production capacity or enhance efficiency. A focus for this program is funding projects that enhance cyber security in the agriculture and food sector. 

Program Deadline 

This initiative will open February 15th, 2024. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. 

Access More SCAP Grant Programs 

Under the $25M SCAP program, there are many different initiatives and grants to help support Canadian farming and agri-business projects. Our SCAP home page can help you find multiple agricultural and agri-business grant programs specific to your region or province. 

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    1. Hi Jamee,

      Thanks for reaching out. Currently, at Mentor Works, A Ryan Company, we support businesses that have been incorporated for 2+ years, have 5-14 employees (depending on the industry), and have a positive cash flow. If your business meets this criteria, please fill out our Contact Us form in order to get in touch. This can help us gain some insight into your business’s qualifications and eligibility across different funding programs.

      If you are looking for startup funding, we do provide Startup Resources for funding availability for smaller companies.

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