SCAP Grow Ontario Market (GOM) Program 

The Canadian government together with the Government of Ontario are investing upwards of $6 million through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) to help eligible agri-food businesses and industry organizations in Ontario to export their products into local and global markets to boost economic growth and innovation.  

Through the Grow Ontario Market (GOM) program, eligible applicants can receive up to 50% funding to a maximum of $60,000 per business for producers and food and beverage processors, or up to $125,000 for eligible sector organizations.  

SCAP is a five-year (2023-2028), $3.5-billion investment by federal, provincial, and territorial governments to strengthen the competitiveness, innovation, and resiliency of the agriculture sector across the country. This includes $1 billion in funding for federal programs and $2.5 billion for cost-shared 60% federally and 40 per cent provincially/territorially for programs that are designed and delivered individually by the provinces and territories. 

Funding Snapshot: Grow Ontario Market (GOM) Program 

The Grow Ontario Market (GOM) program aims to help food and beverage processors, farm businesses, and agri-food sector organizations in Ontario take on projects to expand into new domestic and foreign markets.  

“Our agri-food sector plays an invaluable role in this province. It is an economic powerhouse and the reliable provider of so many different, safe, high-quality, and delicious foods that we all enjoy. This [SCAP] agreement will create new opportunities to make this world-class sector even stronger and position it to sustainably grow during and well beyond the term of this pact.” 
– Lisa Thompson, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Funding Amount 

For eligible producers & food and beverage processors, the funding amount is up to 50% of total eligible costs, to a max of $60,000​. 

For eligible sector organizations, the funding amount is up to 50% of total eligible costs, to a max of $125,000. 

Eligible Applicants 

Applicants must be in Ontario and at least one of the following: 

  • Agri-food businesses and industry organizations​; 
  • Food and beverage processors​; or 
  • Farm businesses​. 

Eligible Projects  

Eligible projects under the GOM funding programs can include, but are not limited to:​ 

  1. Market analysis and planning; Product development activities; and/or 
  1. New market-entry promotional efforts.  


The application intake opens on May 19, 2023, and applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until funding is fully allocated. ​ 

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Government Funding for Ontario Agriculture Businesses 

Ontario is one of North America’s most active and competitive areas for the food and beverage processing industry, employing 97,000 workers and generating over $39 billion in annual revenue. As such, millions of people around the world are fed by Ontario’s abundance of successful agriculture businesses.  

“Our government is proud to support Ontario’s food and beverage processors, farm businesses, and agri-food organizations through the new Grow Ontario Market Initiative. By creating the right conditions for businesses to grow and succeed, we continue to develop new markets for Ontario products to strengthen our long-term economic outlook, provide good jobs, and bring new investment opportunities to the province.” 
– Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. 

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