SCAP Saskatchewan Product Development Program (PDP)

The Sustainable Canadian Partnership Program (SCAP) has introduced many new agri-business grants and other funding programs both federally and provincially. One of the provincial program streams exclusive to Saskatchewan businesses is the Product Development Program (PDP), which provides funding for prototype and product development services to food, beverage, and other agri-processing value-added companies.

The SCAP Saskatchewan Product Development Program (PDP) can provide agri-businesses with up to $50,000 in government grants towards the development of new agri-business products or services.

Canadian Agri-businesses have a wide range of funding programs available to them, including the SCAP Saskatchewan PDP program. This article will provide an overview with the most important details from this program.

Funding Snapshot: SCAP Saskatchewan Product Development Program (PDP)

Funding Amount:

  • The Product Development Program (PDP) provides up to 50% to a maximum of $50,000, min. The minimum project size eligible for funding though this program is $10,000.

Eligible Applicants:

Gor a business to be eligible for funding through PDP, they must be a Saskatchewan agriculture value-added processor who meets the following value-added criteria:

  • Physical transformation or upgrading of any raw/primary agricultural product(s) or any agricultural by-product or waste into a new or upgraded product or further processed product;
  • Processors must operate and pay taxes in the Province of Saskatchewan;
  • Proposal/product must demonstrate substantial use of Canadian-grown agriculture products; and
  • Must be a for-profit organization.

Eligible Activities & Costs

Projects that are eligible for funding must have a focus on developing and/or commercialize a Canadian agricultural product, process, or technology. Eligible costs include:

  • Material costs;
  • Test processing and manufacturing costs;
  • Packaging and labelling development costs;
  • Product development, demo costs, samples, and prototypes for trade shows;
  • Assessment and development of a process/manufacturing technology;
  • Process & specification development costs;
  • Engineering, capex, opex, and techno-economic analysis costs;
  • Equipment rentals; and
  • Market readiness for a target market where the applicant can demonstrate market opportunity exists.

Program Timeline:

  • Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Two-staged Application Process: Online Application & Full Pre-Approval Application if invited to apply.

Apply for the SCAP Saskatchewan Product Development Program (PDP)

If you believe your business is eligible to apply for SCAP PDP funding, and you have an eligible activity in mind, consider applying for this program with a third-party grant writing service, such as Mentor Works, a Ryan company. Reach out to discuss your eligibility for SCAP PDP, as well as other Saskatchewan provincial funding programs and federal funding programs.

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