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Skill Development Fund: Training Stream (SDF-T) Deadline Approaching

Skills training is an essential part of developing the Canadian workforce. The Skills Development Fund (SDF) is an initiative by the Ontario government to fuel innovative workforce development projects that address labour market challenges within the province.  

Under the SDF, there are currently two streams of funding. While the Capital Stream focuses on creating training centres and upgrading physical units that support training initiatives, the Training Stream aims to stimulate economic growth across the province by supporting projects that help empower workers and job seekers.  

Funding Snapshot: Skills Development Fund – Training Stream 

The training stream under SDF prioritises a long-term outlook on addressing and increasing economic advantages within the labour market. As a result, the Ontario government ensures that there are strategies in place that can support workforce sustainability against competition. 

Funding Amount 

While projects with a $150K+ budget will be a priority under this stream, there is no allocated maximum or minimum funding amount overall. The program may choose to fund all or a portion of the project.  

Eligible Applicants 

To qualify, applicants must be a legal entity and be authorized to own a business in Ontario. There needs to be evidence of a physical presence within the province and indication that there is ongoing business activity.  

Entities include: 

  • Minister-approved non-college apprenticeship training delivery agents (universities, colleges and Indigenous institutes can participate as a co-applicant with the Primary Applicant);  
  • Non-profit organizations;  
  • Professional employer associations;  
  • Trade unions;  
  • Municipalities; and  
  • Consortiums.

Eligible Activities 

Projects must support one or more of the following areas: 

  • Engaging in research and development for innovative approaches and solutions to modernize skills development that meets local employer and labour market needs; 
  • Ensuring a sustainable and resilient workforce by enhancing employers’ capacity to adapt their businesses to the changing labour market, deliver employer-led training, and increase employment of underrepresented groups; 
  • Stimulating economic growth by unlocking the full potential of skilled trades and apprenticeships; and 
  • Building and sustaining partnerships that identify and address shared sectorial workforce development needs and labour market needs in emerging and growth sectors in Ontario. 

To learn more information about target sector, participants groups and program objectives, check out our dedicated program page. 

Program Deadline 

The deadline for this program is November 17, 2023, or until funding has been fully allocated. Eligible projects must last for 12-months. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible as funding is limited.  

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