Funding Mechanism from Government

There is a new contribution mechanism, for industrial businesses incorporated in Canada, with eligibility criteria on the ability of SME’s to grow and generate profits through the development and commercialization of innovative or technology-driven, new or improved products, services or processes.

Here is a small list of projects that are eligible to a maximum contribution of $50,000:

  • Assessment of technology needs for adoption of technology (i.e. ERP, IT systems, accounting systems, etc.)
  • Development of business, sales and marketing plans and branding
  • Development of e-commerce enabled website (or upgrading of website)
  • Productivity/lean manufacturing studies & engineering process analysis
  • Design: product design, engineering design, design for manufacture
  • Development of supply chain strategies
  • Competitive market research and competitive intelligence studies

This funding recognizes a balance of technology, market and other business oriented support required to address the needs and growth demands of SME’s – and contribution mechanisms are not required to be repaid, they are not loans.

This contribution mechanism is available in Q1, 2010 so act now to avoid delays. A small business with stable cash position must submit a project proposal. My role is to provide support defining the project objectives, plan of work and benefits by consulting you through the qualification and/or execution process of a project.

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