Start-up Funding for Young Adults: Ontario’s “Starter Company Program”

Welcome to my hair salonThe Ontario government is now offering young adults up to $5,000 in Ontario small business grants to start and or expand a business in Ontario.

Who is Eligible for Ontario Business Grants for Start-ups?

In order to qualify for start-up funding through this program you must be between 18-29 years old and a resident of Ontario that is not attending school full-time.

What is offered through this Business Grants for Ontario Start-ups Program:

Qualified applicants will receive the following through the Starter Company Program:

  • Funding of up to $5,000,
  • One on one guidance form a Small Business Enterprise Centre Advisor,
  • Mentoring from a local, successful entrepreneur,
  • Access to business workshops on topics such as business plan writing, budgeting, and how to execute a marketing plan,

How to Apply to Starter Company Small Business Grants Program for Youth

In order to apply, contact a Small Business Enterprise Centre nearest to you. You can set up an appointment to further discuss the program and how you can get involved.

Download a Start-up Funding Checklist

In support of small businesses across Canada, Mentor Works offers free information on what it takes to receive funding to start and grow your small business. Download our Free Funding for Start-ups Checklist to learn more.


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