New Business Exchange/ Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs in Southern Ontario

bigstock-Young-pretty-business-woman-wi-36440068Small business incubators aim to provide a sophisticated mix of business support services, office space, and access to funding in order to help improve success rates of small businesses. In fact, the Canadian Association of Business Incubators (CABI) cites a report claiming:

The average survival rate of companies in Canada that go through business incubation has been shown to be higher than 80% after five years.”-Canadian Association of Business Incubators 

If this assertion is accurate, then there is good reason to applaud an uptick in the number of small business incubators that have been springing up in Southern Ontario. After all, the province of Ontario lost 30,000 full-time jobs last month (July 2014) and nearly 50% of Canadians work for small businesses according to Statistics Canada.

Ember Business Exchange in Toronto Offers Member & Incubator Services

Compared with the 150+ small business incubators and accelerators across the nation, what is different about this particular platform is that it focuses on offering services to female entrepreneurs. This should not be surprising as 821,000 women across Canada either own a small business or are self-employed, contributing more than $18 Billion to the Canadian economy annually -and the highest growth cohort for female business owners is under 30 years of age (according to information found within Ember’s video, below). The new women-focused, Ember Business Exchange, a division of Toronto Business Development Centre opened at the end of July 2014 with the objective of providing female entrepreneurs with everything they need to get a business off the ground.

Ember is the Place Where Entrepreneurs Collaborate and Share Ideas, Contacts, and Strategies for Growth

In addition to offering individual, modern work space, Ember Business Exchange provides live events, online tools, and everything you will need to connect with like-minded women who can help you grow faster, including:

  • Sales, Marketing, Legal, and Accounting Expertise,
  • Small Business Funding, and;
  • State-of-the-art facilities that include beautiful conference rooms and boardrooms.

What’s more, if you are not ready for incubation you can still take advantage of membership programs which include coaching sessions and invitations to valuable workshops and networking events.

Learn more about Ember Business Exchange by visiting their website

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