Southwestern Ontario Development Fund Supports Five Manufacturers

Southwestern Ontario Development Fund Awards Manufacturers Business Expansion Grants

Five Chatham-Kent, Ontario manufacturers have recently been awarded business expansion grants. Each awarded company will use its Ontario government funding to purchase new equipment and become more productive. As a result, they will increase capacity, provide new products and services, and expand the number of workers at their facilities.

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund awarded a total of $2,648,779 in business expansion grants.

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund provides small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with business expansion funding to reduce the costs of developing new infrastructure, purchasing equipment, and investing in workforce growth. SWODF is commonly used by manufacturers in southwestern Ontario to offset up to 10-15% of capital investments.

Ontario Business Expansion Grants Awarded to Five Manufacturers

The five Chatham-Kent, Ontario manufacturers to receive SWODF funding serve a variety of industries including automotive, transportation, and food and beverage. With Ontario government funding support, the companies will accomplish a variety of projects ranging from facility expansion to adding new production lines. As a result of these projects, 70 jobs will be created and more than 330 more will be retained.

Five Ontario manufacturers will receive a portion of $2.65 million in business expansion grants for projects expected to be completed by 2021. 

Manufacturers awarded Ontario government grants to improve their business growth and development include:

Production and Assembly Line – Dana Canada

Dana Canada is a supplier of automotive power technologies. Their production facility in Chatham, Ontario is a leading manufacturer of heat shields, which prevent electrical components in vehicles from being exposed to too much heat.

The company will receive up to $662,229 in business expansion grants to implement a new state-of-the-art production and assembly line for heat shields that expands their production capabilities. This project is allowing 14 positions to be created and 82 to be retained.

Production Equipment – Aarkel Tool and Die

Aarkel Tool and Die manufactures die cast and plastic injection tools to serve automotive sector clients such as GM, Toyota, Honda, BMW, and Ford.

With $1,035,000 in funding from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, they are re-developing office and manufacturing space and housing new equipment including 5-Axis Boring Mills and Multi-Axis CNC machines. This will result in an increase to their capacity and product offerings. This project is allowing 15 positions to be created and 150 to be retained.

Facility Expansion – Waltron Trailers

Waltron Trailers is a manufacturer of transportation systems for the agriculture, marine, energy, and infrastructure sectors specializing in the design and fabrication of truck bodies, flat deck trailers, boat trailers, construction/utility trailers, highway trailers, and custom trailers.

$113,000 in business expansion grants is being used to expand the facility by 6,360 square feet to house new assembly lines and painting operations. This project will create 10 positions and retain another 31.

Facility and Equipment Expansion – Rulmeca Canada

Rulmeca Canada is a leading manufacturer of rollers and pulleys for heavy duty convertors in mines, quarries, mills, and bulk terminals.

They are using $499,550 from the Ontario government to increase their business growth and development by expanding their facility more than 21,000 square feet and investing in new equipment such as a robotic welding cell, an assembly press, and a paint line system. This project is allowing 21 positions to be created and 73 to be retained.

Production Expansion – The Barry Callebaut Group

The Barry Callebaut Group is one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products.

With up to $339,000 in business expansion funding, the company will expand its facility and significantly increase operational capacity. This project supports the creation of 10 positions.

Business Expansion Grants Through SWODF Funding

Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) is an Ontario government funding program designed to support capital investment initiatives and strategic growth projects such as large-scale facility expansions and advanced equipment purchases. These projects enable business growth and development potential, boost competitiveness, and create new jobs within the province.

By applying for the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, businesses may leverage up to 10-15% of project expenses to a maximum $1.5M in Ontario government funding.

To access SWODF funding, companies must develop a competitive application that details the project’s purpose, budget, timelines, and expected outcomes. The Ontario government funding program is open year-round and is currently accepting submissions.

To explore the types of projects suitable for SWODF funding and access key tips for your manufacturing growth projects, please download Mentor Works’ Key Tips: Expanding Production in Canada slide deck.

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