How the Investment Accelerator Fund Can Grow Your Tech Company

The Government of Ontario is providing funding to technology companies in the province to help grow economically sustainable companies and creating high-value jobs. Technology companies and entrepreneurs should consider this funding as a great opportunity to grow their business without increasing their debt.

What is the IAF?

Provided by MaRS, the IAF is a government initiative to help entrepreneurs bring new and innovative technological ideas to market by providing funding up to $500,000. This funding will be aimed at technological development and commercialization of the product/service.

Eligible companies are broken down into four sectors:

  1. Materials and Engineering
  2. Clean Technology
  3. Information Technology
  4. Health Sciences

How Can Funding Be Used?

Successful applicants of the IAF will receive funding to be directed towards:

  • Recruitment of team members
  • Business development
  • Product, process or service development towards market entry or growth; or
  • Implementation of a defined marketing or distribution strategy

Receive Funding Now

Mentor Works can streamline the application process to allow your company to receive the IAF funding fast and effectively.

Applications are accepted online and, so apply today by contacting us.

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