The Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program (AOP) Funds Cross-Province Collaboration

bigstock-Handshake-business-concept-15985778The Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program (AOP) is a unique cross-provincial collaboration between industry and academia that aims to solve key industry challenges in both Ontario and Alberta. AOP is managed by Alberta Innovates and Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). Industry-academic projects are also eligible for funding through Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) if they fall within NSERC’s mandate.

Objective of the Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program:

AOP has been established with the objective of accelerating industry’s ability to commercialize and/or increase productivity through collaborations between industry and Alberta/Ontario publicly funded academic research institutions.

Alberta-Ontario Government Funding Available through AOP

The funding amount distributed through this program will be between $100,000 (minimum) and a maximum contribution of $500,000, with 50% coming from Alberta Innovates, and 50% through OCE. Applicants can undertake one project at a time over a two-year period.

AOP Funding for Innovation: Project Eligibility

The Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program will support projects that have the objective of developing innovative products and or services that address industrial challenges in priority areas for Alberta and Ontario, and must be in the following industries;

  • Advanced materials/manufacturing;
  • Energy and environment (incl. water);
  • Life sciences, biotechnology;
  • ICT, digital media
  • Nanotechnology; Agriculture, forestry; and
  • Advanced health technologies.

Funding for Innovation through AOP: Project Composition Eligibility

In order to participate in this program projects must be composed of the following:

  1. Projects must be comprised of either (i) an industry partner with operations in both Alberta and Ontario, (ii) multiple industry partners (one with ops in Ontario, one in Alberta).
  2. One research partner from an Ontario accredited public academic institution.
  3. One research partner from an Alberta accredited public academic institution (university, polytechnic, or college).

Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program: Eligible Expenses

In order to qualify for funding researchers must be employed full time as principal investigators, be from a fully accredited public academic institution, and provide capabilities that are non-competitive with the private sector in each province (Alberta and Ontario). Researchers must also be arm’s length from the industry partner(s) and be able to demonstrate the capability and access to necessary resources to undertake their work on the project.

Funding through AOP will cover the following expenses:

  • 50% of students, support staff exclusively engaged in project activities;
  • 50% consultants;
  • 50% of travel undertaken exclusively for project; and
  • Overhead up to 20%.

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