The Grant Application Mystery: How to Find & Get Grants for Small Business

bigstock-Portrait-Of-A-Beautiful-Woman--4965844We chose to shed some light on two of the most common inquiries related to how to find grants and the grant application process.

How to Find Grants: Are government grants for small business difficult to access?

A common misconception is that it is next to impossible to find and access government grants for small business, in fact one only needs to know where to look. Provincial and Canadian business grants are usually distributed by a government agency, a not-for-profit foundation or trust.   An example of a government agency that awards a variety of Canadian small business grants and small business loans is The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) which assists companies with projects related to innovation, job creation, and/or export expansion.   An example of a non-profit organization that facilitates the dispersal of government grants for hiring and R&D is Mitacs.  Mitacs encourages innovation through several funding grants and business resources.

Yes, it would be easier for businesses if there were one central agency that distributed all Ontario and Canadian government funding, but it is much more effective to have several specialized agencies and associations to be involved in funding a particular niche.  Fortunately, Canadian government funding experts at Mentor Works  are able to stay up-to-date on countless funding for small business programs so that you don’t have to, and they also help businesses select the right programs to support their strategic growth objectives.

How to get Grants: Is grant writing complicated?

All funding requires businesses to fill out a loan or grant application. Within the loan or grant application, a firm must include detailed company and project information in order to be considered eligible for particular small business funding grants and loans.  Each loan or grant application varies in level of difficulty and time consumption, and  some degree of complexity should not be surprising as essentially millions of dollars of federal and provincial tax money hinges in the balance.

Mentor Works Ltd. provides a unique full service solution for the selection and application to Canadian business grants and loans programs.   They have experienced grant writers on staff who are dedicated to writing specific funding applications in order to maximize funding potential and success rates. Mentor Works’ grant writers will work directly with your internal team to collect relevant information.  What is more, upon completing an application for a government funding for business program once, you can utilize this information for writing future applications.

Canadian Government Funding: Your Business’ Competitive Advantage

Our team of Canadian government funding experts and experienced grant writers have already spent time researching government funding options exhaustively and thus, can help firms select the Canadian government funding programs that fit their strategic growth needs.  We offer a dedicated individual or small team of Canadian government funding experts to help companies through their first set of loan and grant applications.

How to Get Started:  Find & Select Canadian Government Funding Programs

If your business has at least 10 full-time employees, has been incorporated for a minimum of 2 years, and manufactures or conducts R&D within Canada, please contact a Canadian Government Funding Expert for a free consultation. You can also receive our free Canadian government funding E-Newsletter or connect with us via LinkedIn.

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