Three Calls for Quantum Applications Available Through ISC Challenges This Summer

As a division of the Government of Canada’s Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), the federal institution that leads innovative science development projects, Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) provides funding support to Canadian businesses in all industries that are working on specific challenge-oriented projects to improve the country’s economic growth and innovation in a variety of topic areas.

Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) is currently offering three open funding programs that all focus on quantum pre-commercial innovative prototype solutions, with proposals for these programs closing on August 3, 2023, for all three streams.

With a deadline of August 3, 2023, for all three ISC streams, these new ISC funding opportunities are discussed below in this article. Other types of ISC challenges frequently include support for clean technology, military advancement, autonomous vehicle innovation, and quantum internet solutions.

New Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) Challenges Available This Summer

Three distinct ISC programs have recently been announced which have deadlines this August. To see all active programs at any time and learn high-level details regarding eligible projects and applicants, please visit the official Innovation Solutions Canada (ISC) page.

If your business or another business you know may be interested in applying to any active ISC funding challenges, please connect with the Mentor Works team for support in the application process.

The funding amount and eligibility criteria are the same for all three programs in this section:

Eligible Applicants: An eligible applicant must be aligned with the mandate of the ISC challenge by which Canada procures, through a contract, a project focused on innovation with the purpose of testing a focus area in an operational environment. In addition, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a for profit business;
  • Incorporated in Canada (federally or provincially);
  • Have 499 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees;
  • Have research and development activities that take place in Canada;
  • Have 50% or more of its annual wages, salaries and fees are currently paid to employees and contractors who spend the majority of their time working in Canada;
  • Have 50% or more of its FTE employees have Canada as their ordinary place of work; and
  • Have 50% or more of its senior executives (Vice President and above) have Canada as their principal residence.

Here is a brief snapshot of the current ISC challenges open for proposals until August:

ISC Challenge: Quantum Communications

Focus: The Government of Canada is seeking pre-commercial innovative prototypes that can be tested in real life settings and address a variety of priorities in quantum solutions.

This funding challenge invites eligible applicants to propose software for true quantum repeaters that allow for the end-to-end generation of quantum entanglement, and by using quantum teleportation, allows for the end-to-end transmission of qubits.

Timeline: This challenge is currently accepting proposals until August 3, 2023.

Learn more about this funding challenge.

ISC Challenge: Quantum Sensing

Focus: Quantum technologies are at the forefront of science and innovation, both in Canada and internationally. Due to its role as an enabling platform, quantum computing is leading to a new suite of technologies in the fields of computing, sensors, secure communications, and advanced materials. These technologies will contribute to the growth of key sectors such as computing, communications, health care, transportation, logistics, navigation, and aerospace.

This challenge invites eligible applicants to advance projects in Canada’s quantum sensing research and development by identifying new quantum sensors, radars, and magnetometers.

Timeline: This challenge is currently accepting proposals until August 3, 2023.

Learn more about this funding challenge.

ISC Challenge: Quantum Computing

Focus: Although quantum computing is still in its infancy and is not yet ready for practical applications, quantum hardware companies are currently working on scaling up their quantum computers and incorporating enough qubits to achieve quantum advantage. As technologies are developed to commercial readiness, the Government of Canada (GoC) faces a challenge in being “quantum ready.”

This challenge invites eligible applicants to propose solutions to creating secure and manageable quantum computing software solutions.

Timeline: This challenge is currently accepting proposals until August 3, 2023.

Learn more about this funding challenge.

Canadian Government Grants and Loans for Research and Development Projects

Eligible businesses working on innovative research and development projects provide significant opportunities for the Canadian economy. With Canadian government funding in the form of grants, loans, and tax credits providing cashflow for strong projects, successful ISC projects identity and create new technologies, products, and/or systems that bring advancement to humanity.  

In addition to Innovative Solutions Canada, another of the top Canadian programs for research and development is the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit, which provides over $3 billion in tax credits to Canadian businesses annually.

To learn more about this opportunity and opportunities like it, get in touch with our team of funding application professionals today for a free consultation.

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