Wage Subsidy Grant – Science & Technology Internship Program

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has an internship program for businesses in the natural resource sector who would like to hire a recent graduate in the science or engineering fields. The program is called the Science and Technology Internship Program and it encourages businesses to hire graduates and provide them with professional and practical work experience in their related fields of study.  The program is a non-repayable business funding grant that would compensate the employer for a portion of an eligible intern’s salary.

Canadian Government Grants for Hiring

The Science and Technology Internship Program is meant to allow recent graduates to apply their acquired knowledge and skills from their degrees in a professional work environment. In return, the employers receive a young and enthusiastic employee for around half of the price of other experienced candidates with the similar qualifications. This program would apply to businesses that are looking to invest in a project relating in some way to one of the Natural Resources sectors (Earth Sciences, Energy, Forests, or Minerals & Metals), and provide benefits to their business, community, or country. These types of small business government grants allow for projects in the natural resource sector to be carried through with the help of an innovative and enthusiastic young mind for a relatively small amount of financial investment from the company. For firms that operate outside of the natural resource sector, we have posted more information on other popular Canadian Business Grants that could act as wage subsidy programs in our post on Funding Programs for Hiring.

Canadian Government Funding Details

The program will provide a maximum of $13,200 or 50% of the intern’s salary over a 12 month period. After that time, the intern may be eligible to be hired on full time under one of the other Government Grants for Small Businesses depending on the project and industry of the organization. If you are interested in this program or any others mentioned in today’s blog, please contact one of our Government Funding Experts and follow us on twitter or get a hold of one of the NRCan Representatives.

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