WaterTAP Embedded Marketing Executive Program

bigstock-colleagues-in-business-meeting-22524560The WaterTAP Embedded Marketing Executive Program is offering two Ontario-based businesses in the water industry the opportunity to benefit from a seasoned marketing executive with a background in the water industry for a period of six months. Successful applicants will benefit from expertise in marketing and communication strategy, technology/service commercialization and improved business development practices.

Details of the Embedded Marketing Executive Program

The working term of the marketing executive will run for 6 months beginning in September 2014. The embedded executive will work under a non-disclosure agreement, with all created material remaining the property of the successful applicant. The majority of the cost of the embedded executive will be absorbed by WaterTAP, however, the company will also be responsible for paying a portion of the salary based on their annual revenue.

WaterTAP Embedded Marketing Executive Program: Salary Contribution Outline:

Salary contributions by successful applicants will follow the salary contribution table below.

2013 Revenue                   Contribution

< $3 million                         $1,250

$3 – $10 million                  $1,750

>$10 million                        $2,250


The 2014/2015 Embedded Marketing Executive: Mike Stadnyckyi

Mike Stadnyckyj will serve as the Embedded Executive for the 2014/15 program. Mike has more than 16 years of experience in global marketing and business development, and has worked with high-growth ventures and Fortune 500 companies.

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