Client Spotlight: Activation Laboratories

Activation Laboratories (ActLabs) is an analytical services company based in Anacaster, Ontario. ActLabs conducts analytical studies in a number of different areas, including geochemistry, refining, materials testing, environmental sciences, and biotechnology. Due to the nature of their operations, ActLabs relies heavily on research and development, which requires a large investment of time and resources. Mentor Works was able to work directly with ActLabs in order to identify and attain valuable R&D, business expansion, and hiring funding in order to overcome their business challenges and accelerate their growth.

“In a timely and professional manner, Bernadeen McLeod of Mentor Works, helped us swim through the sea of government funding programs available for new and existing businesses. Her professional and timely services utilize a triage approach to finding specific funding mechanisms that untimely had a direct bearing on our ability to secure funds and enable us to facilitate company growth. Her knowledge, wealth of industry contacts and complete understanding of program details, allowed us to isolate and focus on funding mechanisms that were right for us. We feel that with her assistance our company was exposed to additional funding sources that might have gone unnoticed and is now well positioned for advancing new technologies in the coming months. I would not hesitate to work with her again.”
-Rob Deakin, Manager at Activation Laboratories Ltd.

Please browse our site or contact Mentor Works directly to learn more about Canadian Government Funding for business or specific funding for R&D or grants for hiring. Mentor Works also encourages businesses interested in capturing government funding to attend our Free 60 Minute Government Funding Workshop, held in Burlington, Cambridge, and Hamilton, Ontario.

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