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Client Spotlight: Government Funding Success for Girotti Machine Ltd.

The government funding landscape is a bit like Cinderella’s glass slipper. Many businesses will come across it and believe they’re the right fit for whichever program they’re applying for, but only extensive knowledge of program history, eligibility criteria, and government insights can considerably help a business find its true match.

Much like a fairy godmother supports Cinderella, Canadian government funding programs support small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations, and post-secondary research institutions. However, to avoid any dissatisfaction, the key to accessing funding lies not in returning home before midnight, but in understanding which programs are best suited for each organization’s upcoming projects and overall goals, and writing a compelling application that aligns with the funding program’s objectives.

Through a combination of various government funding programs, Mentor Works has helped Girotti Machine access over $450,000 in grants and loans for economic growth and innovation projects.

In this client spotlight article, you will learn more about Girotti Machine’s funding success story as supported through services provided by Mentor Works, and how your organization could utilize a similar funding strategy to help meet your business goals.

About Girotti Machine Ltd.

Established in 1946, Girotti Machine Ltd. is a Canadian Welding Bureau sanctioned machine shop located in St. Catharines, Ontario, that specializes in custom design and build, and the manufacturing and repair of a variety of machinery and parts.

With decades of multigenerational family values based on strong work ethic to provide high-quality machinery services, Girotti Machine designs, builds, tests, and delivers products for a wide variety of industries including marine transportation, oil and gas, steel and paper mills, automotive, and power generation.

Mentor Works spoke with company owner and president, Aaron Tisdelle, about the history of the company and the role that government funding has played in supporting the growth and innovation of Girotti Machine.

As a third-generation owner, Tisdelle speaks highly of his grandfather who started the business in the 1940s, and recalls thoughtfully on how the strong lessons he was taught as a youth continue to guide his way forward in life. Four years ago, when Tisdelle bought the company from his cousin, he decided that it was time to modernize the productivity and efficiency of Girotti Machine with the help of government grants and loans.

“Everything that Mentor Works has helped me find and get has been critical to the growth of my company, and painlessly seamless in the application process.”
– Aaron Tisdelle, President, Girotti Machine

Girotti Machine: Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) Interest-Free Loans for Pandemic Support

Not all Canadian businesses have met the eligibility criteria to receive grants or loans through all COVID-19 support programs, which is why the FedDev Ontario Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) was created. The program delivers repayable interest-free loans that help support the fixed operating costs for businesses going through difficult times.

Last year, Mentor Works assisted Girotti Machine with an application for RRRF funding, and in December of 2020, the business received a total of $278,000 in interest-free RRRF loans for cash relief towards key operating expenses.

“The RRRF funding was a huge help for my business because it allowed me to continue improving and focusing on my business, and the interest-free loans don’t have to be paid off until 2022.”
– Aaron Tisdelle, President, Girotti Machine

Girotti Machine: Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP) Grants for Economic Growth and Innovation

The Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP) is an Ontario government funding program that helps automotive businesses improve operational efficiency and competitiveness through the adoption of lean manufacturing processes and Industry 4.0-related technologies, including hardware/software implementation and training.

With comprehensive application support from the Mentor Works team of grant writers, Girotti Machine was recently awarded $99,416 in O-AMP grants for technology adoption projects including ERP software training, hardware, tablets, and implementation.

“These grants have revolutionized Girotti Machine, without a doubt. The depth of what I now have visibility on in my company [due to the upgraded ERP system] is extensive.”
– Aaron Tisdelle, President, Girotti Machine

With O-AMP government funding, Tisdelle shares that Girotti Machine’s “ERP system was brought to the next level.” Through advanced software that provides Tisdelle with real-time information about his shop floor, Tisdelle plans to utilize performance analytics to develop a more effective growth and technology strategy for the future of his business.

Girotti Machine: Career-Ready with CTMA Internship Placements for Hiring and Training Skilled Youth

The Career-Ready with the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA) Program helps close the skilled trades gap in the Machine, Tool, Die, Mould & Automation (MTDMA) sector. The hiring grant supports Ontario’s automotive manufacturing industry by helping employers hire and deliver meaningful work experiences to co-op students, recent graduates, and potential new apprentices.

With a strong belief in offering hands-on experience to Ontario’s motivated and skilled youth, Tisdelle applied for the Career-Ready with CTMA program and received $3,000 in spring 2020 to hire and train a qualified and eager-to-learn engineering student for 16 consecutive weeks.

“[The student] came into the co-op [placement], and then I hired him through the Canada Summer Jobs grant for the summer. The hands-on experience he received was great for him, and great for our team. You want to see your team shine? Bring in a young person. My older team members started to shine as mentors; giving their knowledge to the younger team member made them happy. When I talked to [the student] after the first year he was here, he said that he was the only one in his classes with practical experience, and that certainly gives him a huge boost in the real world.”
– Aaron Tisdelle, President, Girotti Machine

Apply for Government Funding with Mentor Works

When choosing to work with Mentor Works, businesses are paired with a skilled team of professional grant writers who complete each stage of the funding process based on vast funding knowledge and government insight. The thorough pre-qualification process leads to a higher rate of approval when compared to global rates of each government funding program, and our team genuinely believes in each one of the applications that we support.

“When I’m doing my accounting, I call my accountant. When I’m applying for funding, I call Mentor Works. For me it’s that simple.”
– Aaron Tisdelle, President, Girotti Machine

If your organization has been incorporated in Canada for at least three years, has 15 or more payroll employees, and has a positive net income, consider working with Mentor Works to help your business find and access government funding that aligns with your unique projects and goals. Contact our team today to get started.

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