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EODF Supports $4.1M Investment by All Season Fencing Inc.

The Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) recently awarded All Season Fencing Inc. $394,046 in funding towards their $4.1 million investment in a former landmark paper mill facility in Quinte West which will now be used as one of their manufacturing sites.

EODF is a business expansion funding program that supports:

  • Companies investing in new facilities and equipment; or
  • Economic development organizations and municipalities investing in infrastructure or implementing strategies to advance regional economic priorities.

Companies can receive up to $5M in funding from the EODF program.

EODF Funding Expected to Help Create 70+ Jobs

All Season Fencing Inc. will be taking over the former Sonoco paper mill in Quinte West. After struggling to find enough space to set up in Toronto, the company decided to expand  into Quinte West and will now be renovating the old factory to produce PVC vinyl fencing, decks, and railings. Since the move, All Season Fencing Inc. has invested $2.1 million in renovation projects and $1.9 million towards purchasing new equipment.

The government of Ontario is supporting this investment with nearly $400K in funding. The Quinte West region can now expect upwards of 70 jobs to be created which will boost economic productivity within the area.

The increased space for production and warehousing will also help the company produce their goods in-house, allowing them to lower costs. With an increase in job opportunities and the ability to meet consumer demand easily, the Government of Ontario expects long-term returns from funding All Season Fencing Inc.

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