SCAP Ontario Biosecurity Enhancement Initiative  

The Canadian government is partnering with the Government of Ontario to help agribusiness implement Biosecurity Enhancement Initiatives through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) program.  

SCAP is a joint five-year (2023-2028) $3.5 billion investment by federal, provincial, and territorial governments to improve competitiveness, innovation, and resiliency of the country’s agriculture sector. 

This new initiative addresses biosecurity risks and enhancing emergency preparedness. It provides funding opportunities to key agriculture industry businesses across Ontario to ensure resiliency of the agriculture and food sector and improving public trust in the food supply system. 

Funding Snapshot: SCAP – Biosecurity Enhancement Initiative 

The SCAP Biosecurity Enhancement Initiative supports farmers, service providers, and processors, in the agriculture or food sector. Eligible agri-food businesses can use this cost-share offering to improve plant health, food safety and animal health and welfare. The types of projects funded can be divided into two categories: Animal Health and Traceability Projects; and Plant Health Projects.  

Funding Amount 

The funding amounts for the SCAP Biosecurity Enhancement Initiatives differ based on the project category.  

Animal Health and Traceability Projects 

  • Projects aimed at reducing animal health risks or developing livestock traceability equipment can receive up to 35% of cost coverage or a maximum of $50K.  

Plant Health Projects  

  • Projects aimed at developing pest monitoring and management tools, and pest prevention via sanitation, isolation and workflow management can receive up to 35% of cost coverage or a maximum of $50K.  
  • Projects aimed at building technologies and processes to reduce plant pest contamination and risk can receive up to 35% of cost coverage or a maximum of $100K.  

Eligible Applicants 

To qualify for this program, applicants must:  

  • Be a primary producer or a service provider in an animal health management project, livestock traceability project, a pest prevention project, or a pest monitoring project.  
  • Be a processor in a technology development project aimed at reducing plant pest contamination or in an animal health management project. 

Project Eligibility 

Animal Health and Traceability ProjectCategories 

  • Reducing Animal Health Risks: Projects that reduce animal health risks in a measurable and proven way through the physical implementation of production areas, practices, testing, monitoring, and management along with operations assessments/plans and education or training. 
  • Livestock TraceabilityEquipment or Processes: Projects that improve traceability equipment and processes. Eligible activities will enhance animal health, public health, and food safety, as well as prepare livestock producers and associated service providers for emerging regulatory and market standards (national and global). 

Plant Health Project Categories 

  • Preventing Introduction and Spread of Pests through Isolation, Sanitation and Controlling Workflow: Projects that reduce biosecurity risks into, out of, and within high-risk areas of operations in a measurable and proven way, with regards to workflow, sanitation, or the ability to isolate material. 
  • Innovative Pest Monitoring and Management Tools: Projects that adopt demonstrated and innovative integrated pest management practices and incorporate tools and equipment for monitoring, management, and treatment into plant health risk management plans. 
  • Technologies and Processes to Reduce Plant Pest Contamination and Risk: Projects that support processors (including those who conduct primary processing activities, such as washing and packing) to identify and limit the introduction and spread of plant pests. 

Project Deadline 

Applications for this program will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis until January 6th, 2025, or until funding is fully allocated. 

Access More Funding for Agriculture and Food Projects in Ontario 

SCAP programs cover a wide range of agricultural business initiatives. Another noteworthy program is the Grow Ontario Market (GOM) program which provides up to 50% funding to maximum of $60,000 for producers and food & beverage processors, or up to $125,000 for organizations. This program aims to help such businesses take on expansion projects by entering the new markets. The Canadian Food Innovation Network’s Innovation Stream is also open for Intake 3 October 2023, and funds anywhere between $20K to $200K for food innovation projects.  

Our funding directory also provides up-to-date funding information about ongoing programs. 

Download our free Canadian Agri-Business Growth Guide white paper resource to explore how your company can use grants and loans in alignment with your strategic goals.  

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