Winners of the OSEA 2021 Top 10 Cleantech Categories Competition

On October 20, 2021, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) announced the winners of their OSEA 2021 Top 10 Cleantech Categories competition. The competition was designed to highlight the ten exceptional cleantech companies in Ontario that are working towards a more sustainable Canada. Candidates were split into ten categories (listed below) and asked to submit an application that outlined their contributions to the cleantech industry based on three criteria:

  1. What is your business’ level of readiness for deployment and scale-up potential?
  2. How does your business significantly improve the existing environment?
  3. How is your business considered “disruptive”?

“Canada has always been and continues to be a wellspring of innovative technologies – which has been an engine of our province’s prosperity and a foundation stone to our enviable lifestyle.”

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)

The winners of the competition were chosen by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and announced at the OSEA’s Green Energy Doors 2021 event.

What is the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)?

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) is an Ontario organization focused on advocating for the development and growth of businesses within the sustainable energy sector. The OSEA focuses on improving provincial sustainability by hosting annual events such as Green Energy Doors 2021, collaborating with educational institutions, and other cleantech contributors. To learn more about the OSEA and their initiatives, visit their OSEA News page for up-to-date climate finance news.

Winners of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s Green Energy Doors Open 2021

The winners of the OSEA 2021 Top 10 Cleantech Categories were categorized into the following ten categories. Each category outlines the focus, winning organization, and the individual recognized:

  1. Carbon Capture and Storage: The winner of this category, Nurture Growth Fertilizer, is an innovative bio-organic fertilizer organization, working towards solutions for three key environmental issues facing Canada and the broader world: (1) food waste, (2) traditional food production, and (3) climate change. The recipient was Le Luong.
  2. Carbon Free Technologies: The winner of this category was Hydro Tech, an Ontario company that provides innovative engineering designed to aid maintenance and construction solutions to the hydropower industry. The recipient was Daniel Westerbaan.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Pulse Industrial, the winner of the Energy Efficiency category, is an IoT company with the goal of reducing the amount of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions via artificial intelligence and machine-learning. The recipient was Thomas Uhlenbruck.
  4. Energy Storage: The winner of this category was Edgecom Energy,  a company that reduces the energy costs and emissions for large energy users through custom software and hardware. The recipient was Behdad Bahrami.
  5. Green Buildings: This winner, Magnetite Canada, manufactures and installs retrofit double glazing window systems that are energy efficient, reduce noise pollution, and increase thermal comfort. The recipient was David Katz.
  6. Renewable Energy: Jazz Solar Solutions, the winner of the Renewable Energy category, is a company that offers a broad range of solar services and products including commercial solar energy, FIT and microFIT projects, and off-grid designs. The recipient was Ketan Bhalla.
  7. Smart Buildings: Z3 Controls, won the Smart Buildings category with their innovative solutions for sustainable facility equipment, software, and service solutions. The recipient was Michael Zambakkis.
  8. Sustainable Finance: The winner of this category, Vancity Community Investment Bank, is a community-first investment bank that supports organizations and enterprises that are committed to positive impacts on the broader community. The recipient was Jonathan Frank.
  9. Transportation: IRIS, the winner of the Transportation category, is a privacy-centric smart cities company that offers on-demand artificial intelligence (AI) transportation, pavement, and right-of-way asset reporting technology. The recipient was Emil Sylvester Ramos.
  10. Waste to Energy: The winner of this category was Tradeworks Environmental, which combines process, equipment, and analytics to optimize waste and wastewater treatment in municipalities and industrial systems. The recipient was Christos Chrysochoou.

To learn more about the OSEA and their OSEA 2021 Top 10 Cleantech Categories competition, check out the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association home page.

Government Funding Opportunities for Cleantech

The companies listed above represent a shift in the focus of entire industries and sectors across the country towards a more sustainable future. However, this transition does not happen for free. Many of these companies rely on government funding programs for cleantech businesses. Not only are there funding programs deigned for the cleantech sector but there are also cleantech grants and loans for the four major funding activities:

  1. Business Expansion;
  2. Capital Investment;
  3. Hiring & Training; and
  4. Research & Development.

If your cleantech organization is looking for government funding support, we recommend you speak with a government funding professional to identify funding opportunities.

Exploring Government Funding Opportunities

To read more about government funding and cleantech success stories, visit our news channel for daily updates. If your business is in cleantech and is looking for government funding support, check out our government funding for cleantech directory. Moreover, take a moment to discover this helpful list of government funding resources that can help get your organization started on the right path for your funding journey.

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