Client Spotlight: Adverdea Benefits from Small Business Grants Support

Mentor Works recently had a conversation with the President of Adverdea and Webility Solutions Inc., Jamie Harsevoort.  Webility/Adverdea creates sleek, appealing graphics for businesses looking to attract consumers and businesses alike.   The business also provides its customers with web-based and mobile systems to help elevate their marketing success.

Why did you decide to use Mentor Works to assist you with the funding procedure?

“Our decision this time was based on having a good previous experience with Mentor Works, and that decision was based on a positive recommendation we had from a customer who engaged Mentor Works to help them with an Ontario business grants application.”

How did working with Mentor Works change your beliefs about accessing government small business grants?

The only thing that has changed is that it is now worthwhile to pursue these opportunities.  While I’ve always been aware that there are Canadian government funding programs, it has never been worthwhile to sort through the different programs and figure out what is available and what are the eligibility requirements. Mentor Works does a great job of solving that problem for us.

How was the process?  What obstacles were removed by working with Mentor Works?

The process was great. It’s nice to be able to get the proper information with very little time spent on our side.

Would you recommend Mentor Works to your friends, family or colleagues?

Yes, and we have already recommended you to some people.

What was the most valuable aspect of working with Mentor Works?

We get accurate and timely information when we need it.

How did the funding received affect your business objectives?

In our case, getting short term funding for a new position allowed us to go ahead with hiring someone. It’s hard for a small business to fund the first few months of a new hire, and without this we likely wouldn’t have been able to hire at this time.

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