Business Expansion Funding for Growth

Every business has a growth strategy. However, a common barrier to growth shared amongst most Canadian businesses is available cash flows. Fortunately, businesses can turn to Canadian government grants for small business growth. Whether you are expanding your facility, purchasing new capital equipment, or entering new markets, Canadian government funding is available for mature, growth-oriented companies.

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Business Funding Grants & Loans for Facility Expansion, Relocation, and Upgrading

Mentor Works has helped hundreds of businesses find business funding grants to support their facility expansion projects, including:

  • Relocation to a larger facility;
  • Extension of a existing facility; or
  • Upgrading an existing facility with advanced technologies.

Our clients were able to use government small business grants and loans to subsidize their third party contractors, engineering fees, equipment, software, labour, process audits and overhauls, as well as other related costs to assist with their business expansion.

Canadian Government Funding for Export Expansion

In recent years, exporting has accounted for nearly 30% of Canada’s GDP, down from 34% in 2008 according to Industry Canada. To spur export expansion efforts, Canadian business grants are available to help improve Canadian businesses’ export presence, including coverage for the following projects:

  • Product certifications and industry standards;
  • International trade shows and related expenses;
  • Outbound and inbound trade missions;
  • Translation of marketing materials;

  • Market research and competitive analysis;
  • Purchase and implementation of capital equipment to support increased exporting and
  • Hiring of employees related to international market development.

Business Expansion Loans and Government Grants for Small Businesses

To learn more about any of the small business funding grants and loans below, please click on the program name to view more detailed information. If you are still evaluating your funding options, our helpful guide on Comparing Funding Types might be useful.

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