Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream

Receive up to $15k to $1.5M in Government Funding.

The Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream supports software conceptualization, prototyping, production, and marketing projects. Through the program, software developers can turn ideas into functional products and repay project costs once the project’s results can be commercialized. By offsetting a portion of upfront costs, companies can advance their platform’s commercial readiness, launch their product, then repay the balance of Canada Media Fund’s investment as product revenues are generated.

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Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream

Amount of Funding

Stream 1: Media Conceptualization Projects

Software developers may receive up to 75% of eligible project expenses to a maximum $15,000 in interactive digital media funding.

Stream 2: Media Prototyping Projects

Interactive digital media developers may receive up to 75% of expenses to a maximum $250,000 in software funding.

Stream 3: Media Innovation (Production, Marketing, and Promotion) Projects

Digital media developers may receive up to 75% of eligible expenses to a maximum $1,500,000.

Stream 4: Accelerator Partnership Program (A2P)

Digital media producers may access up to $30,000 in grants for projects related to mentorship, market and capital.

Amount of Funding from the Canadian Government

Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream, applicants must be either:

  • A Canadian-controlled for-profit company with its head office in Canada; or
  • A Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) licensed public or private Canadian broadcaster.
Eligible Applicants for Canadian Government Funding

Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream

Eligible Activities

Project Eligibility

Eligible Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream projects must:

  • Contain digital media content and/or application software that is innovative, interactive, and is connected to the Canadian cultural sector;
  • Be produced in Canada with at least 50-75% of project costs incurred in Canada; and
  • Remain under Canadian ownership.

This includes projects such as:

  • Video games (PC, console, handheld console, mobile or other platforms);
  • Mobile applications;
  • Web 2.0 or higher applications;
  • Software applications with a connection to the Canadian cultural sector; and
  • Other projects containing audio-visual content and significant user interactivity.

Ineligible Project Types

Some types of projects that cannot receive support through the CMF Experimental Stream include, but are not limited to:

  • Film and television projects;
  • System software;
  • Products with a specific corporate, industrial or promotional focus;
  • Curriculum-based products (including e-learning applications, software and technologies);
  • Partial or split projects (and project portions) that cannot be exploited independently;
  • Project adaptation from one platform to another;
  • Catalogues or compilations of repurposed material, presented without benefit of new, value-added original content; and
  • Casino type games.

Expense Eligibility

Up to 75% of expenses may be provided through the Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream. This includes:

  • Salaries, benefits, and wages for employees directly responsible for the project;
  • Contractors;
  • Technology infrastructure (hardware and software);
  • Making content accessible online, including copyright clearance, documentation, design and development, translation costs;
  • Research and preparation of content;
  • Project audit fees;
  • Technical and administration expenses; and
  • Marketing and promotion costs.

Ineligible Expenses

Unlike the project-specific expenses mentioned above, core business operations or capital expenditures will not be eligible for funding. This includes:

  • Rent;
  • Real estate purchases; and
  • Maintenance costs.
Eligible Expenses for Canadian Government Funding

Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream

Program Deadline

This program currently has it’s first scheduled closing date on April 28, 2022. The final closing date for this program is September 15, 2022. Please contact Mentor Works government grant specialists to find the full list of available application periods.

Program Deadline for Canadian Government Funding
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