Creative Export Canada (CEC) – Export Development Stream (EDS)

Receive up to $90K in Creative Export Funding.

The Creative Export Canada – Export Development Stream (EDS) offers funding for new and early-stage exporters to build capacity and expand into international markets. The EDS also offers funding for seasoned exporters to expand into new international markets and build business networks.

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Creative Export Canada – Export Development Stream

Amount of Funding

Up to 75% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $90,000 per fiscal year.

Amount of Funding from the Canadian Government

Creative Export Canada – Export Development Stream

Eligible Applicants

Eligible Applicants must:

  • be incorporated under the laws of Canada, a province, or a territory
  • be a for-profit company or not-for-profit organization
  • be Canadian-owned and -controlled
  • have a maximum of $10 million in annual revenues in the current or previous fiscal year
  • have a minimum of 1 full-time employee

Note: An applicant can submit only 1 application per deadline, including entities or subsidiaries of a parent company.

Eligible Applicants for Canadian Government Funding

Creative Export Canada – Export Development Stream

Eligible Activities

Eligible Projects must:

  • be market-ready at the project start date (content is fully developed and ready for sales);
  • allow creative industries to expand their sales into international markets and/or develop international business networks;
  • expect to generate export revenues;
  • support one or more of the following creative industries:
    • artistic craft;
    • audiovisual;
    • design (limited to exhibit design, fashion design, artistic product design, public art design, urban design);
    • music;
    • performing arts;
    • publishing (books and periodicals);
    • visual art;
    • interactive digital media (in combination with at least one of the industries listed above).
  • focus on a specific target export market(s) (the targeted markets can be new or existing);
  • have a minimum total cost of $15,000;
  • be funded at a minimum of 25% by private sources

Eligible Cost Categories include:

  • Export planning activities (up to $30K max.), including the development of an export plan, international marketing plan, export pricing strategy, and market research on target export markets.
  • Export training and mentorship activities, including export training, networking activities, matchmaking services, and mentoring.
  • International market readiness activities, including versioning expenses, dubbing expenses, and translation and interpretation expenses.
  • Market development activities (up to $40K max.), including travel-related expenses, marketing material, advertising costs, and venue rentals
Eligible Expenses for Canadian Government Funding

Creative Export Canada – Export Development Stream

Program Deadline

Speak with a member of our team about current intakes for this program and other programs your business may be eligible for.

Program Deadline for Canadian Government Funding
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