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Funding the Film Industry: Ontario Creates – Film Fund 

The Ontario Creates – Film Fund – Development Stream is intended to increase domestic feature film production in Ontario. The Film Fund supports Ontario producers of projects across genres with both industrial and cultural benefits.  

Ontario Creates measures the results of the Film Fund primarily based on net benefit from the project to the province, such as return on investment and jobs created in the Ontario film industry. 

The fund aims to achieve three primary objectives: 

  • Increase Investment and Jobs in Ontario: By supporting Ontario-based feature film production companies, the fund stimulates investment and job creation within the province. This goal aligns with broader economic development strategies aimed at enhancing Ontario’s film industry and boosting its contribution to the local economy. 
  • Promote High-Quality, Original Feature Films: Another objective is to foster the production of high-quality, original feature films in Ontario. By providing financial support and resources to local production companies, the fund encourages the creation of compelling content that showcases Ontario’s talent and creativity on a global scale. 
  • Strengthen Ontario-Based Production Companies: The fund also assists in capitalizing Ontario-based feature film production companies. By providing financial assistance, the fund enables these companies to invest in equipment, infrastructure, talent, and other resources necessary for sustained growth and competitiveness in the film industry. This support contributes to the long-term sustainability and success of Ontario’s film production sector. 

Funding Snapshot: Ontario Creates – Film Fund  

Funding Amount 

Projects/Producers who meet the eligibility criteria for the Ontario Creates Film Fund can apply for Development support to a maximum of $25,000 for the selected stage of development. Ontario Creates support cannot exceed 75% of the budget for the selected development stage. Ontario Creates’ contribution is an interest-free loan, which must be repaid at the commencement of principal photography. 

The number of applicants who will receive funding and the amount of funding received will be determined by the annual confirmed budget of the Ontario Creates Film Fund and the quantity and quality of the applications received. 

Applicant Eligibility  

The Production Company must meet the following criteria: 

  • Incorporation: The company must be incorporated in Ontario for at least one year prior to submission or incorporated federally with registration in Ontario. 
  • Ontario-Based: The company must have a principal place of business in Ontario, serving as the head office and base of operations. 
    • Corporate Income Taxes: The applicant must be eligible to pay corporate income taxes in Ontario. 
    • Address Listing: The Ontario address must be listed as the head office in T2 filing. 
    • Stable Establishment: The Ontario address must be a stable and non-temporary establishment under the corporation’s control and objectively identifiable with the corporation. 
  • Canadian-Owned and Controlled: The organization must be Canadian-owned and controlled as per the definition in the Investment Canada Act (Canada). 

Examples of Stable Establishments include: 

  • Maintaining an office with rent or compensated employees; 
  • Supplying office equipment;
  • Listing the place of business as the corporation’s residential address in the telephone directory;
  • Keeping substantial quantities of the corporation’s goods on the property;
  • Employees working at the property devote all their working hours to the corporation’s interests, and
  • Substantial usage of owned/rented machinery or equipment for the corporation’s business. 

Eligible Projects  

To meet Ontario Creates Film Fund eligibility requirements, feature film projects in development must adhere to the following criteria: 

  • Minimum Length: The proposed film must have a minimum intended length of 75 minutes. 
  • Principal Photography: Principal photography should not have commenced before the submission of the application. 
  • Location: The film should be intended to be shot in Ontario. However, co-productions and documentaries are exceptions to this requirement. 
  • Certification Eligibility: The project must either be eligible for certification as a Canadian Production by CAVCO, as a treaty co-production by Telefilm Canada and an equivalent certifying body of co-producers, or eligible to receive Canadian Program certification from the CRTC. 

For dramatic features (including animation), the minimum total production budget must be: 

  • $1 million if the project does not demonstrate diverse elements. 
  • $750,000 if the project demonstrates diverse elements. 

For documentary features, the minimum total production budget must be: 

  • $600,000 if the project does not demonstrate diverse elements. 
  • $500,000 if the project demonstrates diverse elements. 

It’s important to note that only feature film projects are eligible for this program. TV series, short films, web-series, etc., are not eligible. 

Application Deadline  

Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis until Thursday November 28, 2024, at 5 PM ET. Applications will be assessed as they are received. 

To learn more about the program, book a consultation with the program or create a portal on the Ontario Application Portal (OAP).  

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