16 Canadian Businesses to Receive Funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is partnering with the Canadian government and Canadian businesses to help entrepreneurs become global leaders and champions in the development of sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow. As of February 2022, 16 ground-breaking Canadian companies were in line for a $52.3 million investment from SDTC. Innovative developments are taking place across all regions of Canada and in a wide range of economic sectors.

“The time for ambitious climate action is now. Today, we are investing in cleantech innovators in agriculture, waste management and transportation to commercialize brilliant ideas and help Canadian companies seize the economic opportunities of a stronger, greener and more resilient economy. Ground-breaking Canadian companies will be global leaders in climate and waste reduction technologies and will help create a more sustainable future for all Canadians.”

-The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

Through Sustainable Development Technology Canada, improving water, soil, and air quality as well as reducing climate change effects can be achieved without the need to repay funds or to own intellectual property. Pre-commercialization strategies of Clean Technologies can be developed with the help of the fund, which promotes late-stage development. Projects are evaluated by SDTC based on the ability to use and market technology and conduct business (developing funding and partner relationships). This program offers support for costs such as capital items, goods and services, labour expenses, and depreciation expenses.

“We are relentlessly focused on supporting our companies to grow and scale in an increasingly competitive marketplace. For an economy to be truly transformational all sectors must be highly innovative. We are proud of the diversity of the technologies we fund in solving some of the world’s pressing environmental challenges.”

-Leah Lawrence, President and CEO of SDTC

Who Received Funding from SDTC?

We’ve highlighted some of the top companies that received funding from SDTC via this recent round of funding.

  • Semios from Vancouver, British Columbia has received $17 million in support to grow their operations processes for their data and machine learning systems that improve tree fruit and nut crop harvesting by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of water required per unit;
  • A start-up from Toronto, Ontario, called FleetOps will receive $1.3 million in funding for its artificial intelligence-based delivery routes; and
  • The Dartmouth-based Rayleigh Solar Tech will receive $1.2 million in start-up funding through SDTC’s Seed Fund for the development of its low cost, efficient, and versatile solar cells.

To see a full list of the Canadian companies that won funding from the SDTC program, visit the SDTC page for more.

Learn More About Government Funding

Although Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) offers great funding opportunities to Canadian businesses that are looking to make a difference in the future of sustainability, there are many more government funding programs available. Visit our government funding directory or get in touch with a member of our team to learn more about the amazing opportunities that may be available to you.

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