New Brunswick Budget 2022: Stimulating Growth and Strengthening Communities

An annual budget is released by the New Brunswick government each year. It outlines the government’s economic plans for the coming year, including what new projects and initiatives they have planned. A discussion of the business funding programs included in the New Brunswick Budget 2022 is available below, including agriculture, fisheries, health care, and economic development.

As our population approaches 800,000, momentum is building that will drive us to a population of one million. More people means a growing economy, an expanding tax base, and increasing demands for public services.

To maintain this momentum, we must prepare now. Consider the demand for services in health care, education and early childhood development. A growing population also means increased demand for housing and more traffic using our transportation networks. It also increases the demand for services that enhance our quality of life.

Ernie Steeves, Finance and Treasury Board Minister

Visit our Atlantic Canada Funding Directory to view a full list of government funding programs available to businesses in New Brunswick, including Canadian federal funding programs.

Economic Development

Leading and facilitating the development of high growth opportunities that will foster job creation in New Brunswick by identifying strategic and viable business opportunities, promoting New Brunswick outside the province, developing strategic markets, delivering business development services, and supporting the development of targeted economic sectors as well as ensuring businesses are productive, strong, scalable, and sustainable.

  • $12.8 million towards small business with the goal of helping them grow and establish themselves in exporting activities and attracting private investments;
  • $5 million for investing in productivity output improvements of New Brunswick companies with the intention of making New Brunswick more competitive;
  • $7.4 million towards apprenticeship and occupational certification programs to offer learning opportunities to the workforce by implementing skills development, certifications, and job opportunities;
  • $20 million for the Rural Economy Fund and the Total Development Fund which are designed to help grow and diversify the economy, communities, and infrastructure projects of New Brunswick;
  • $27.4 million towards the Community Investment Fund and the Community Development Fund which aim to enhance the community through identity, economic, and social benefits, enhancing existing community assets and developing initiatives that strengthen a community;
  • $12 million towards destination marketing programs that will build an integrated marketing approach and Destination Marketing Branch that will attract new tourists, improve the tourism and hospitality services industry, and drive growth; and
  • $2.8 million for the implementation of the Provincial Poverty Reduction Plan which will coordinate the community and manage the Economic and Social Inclusion Fund.

The government of New Brunswick will be investing over $45 million in the Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries program which will be working to improve food production quality, safety, and more via the following allotments:

  • $12.7 million to agriculture program to provide growth and competition advice/services for the agriculture sector via experts. The focus will be on livestock, animal, and crop quality, as well as sustainability and development;
  • $5 million to programs that will improve the sustainability and food safety of fisheries;
  • $1.8 million to implement marketing and trade initiatives like the Local Food and Beverages Strategy to help with the promotion and commercialization of New Brunswick food products;
  • $1.4 million towards new businesses entering into agriculture, aquaculture, and fishing sectors; and
  • $23 million towards a variety of government funding programs meant to provide financial assistance to agriculture, aquaculture, and fishery programs.

Corporate and Other Education Services

New Brunswick will also be investing in a variety of initiatives aimed to improve education, corporate services, and community funding programs, as well as to address impacts to the environment caused by the climate crisis.


  • $10.7 million for programs that will improve management services for businesses in New Brunswick such as improving the performance of departments such as human resources, accounting, administration, and more;
  • $55.5 million towards education services for the purpose of improving educational services, providing more organized and specialized education to students with exceptionalities, and supporting other administration needs;
  • $275 million in grant support to be given to educational institutions to develop beneficial social and economic programs that will support the education system;
  • Over $1 billion for prescribed instructional programs; and
  • $130 million for planning and operating school facilities.

Corporate Services and Community Funding

  • $1.5 million for the improvement of tech development and support services in corporate areas such as finance, legal affairs, and information technology;
  • $15.7 million in provincial funding grants that will be used to supplement communities in lieu of the municipal real property tax; and
  • $169,000 to improve community infrastructure via new government funding programs.

Environment and Climate Change

  • $3.1 million to provide regional compliance and operations for emergency response and management;
  • $3 million for constructing and operating systems to reduce the impacts that climate change is having on the air, land, and water;
  • $56.8 million to support provincial timber resources located on crown and private land which will be allotted as $34.6 million to forest management activities, $2.8 million to First Nations, and $19.4 million for crown land operations;
  • $9.3 million for forest protection programs that will manage and prevent forest fires and the spread of viral insects and disease;
  • $365,000 to reduce the province’s waste output by implementing solid waste reduction programs; and
  • $595,000 to manage drinking water resources that may be in close proximity to wetland areas.

Energy and Mining

  • $1.5 million to increase the effectiveness and breadth of energy efficiency systems and sustainability initiatives via electricity, petroleum, and natural gas; and
  • $5 million for the exploring, management, and development of New Brunswick lands for resources.

Health Care

New Brunswick’s Budget 2022 aims to improve personal and social health care systems through a range of community-based services, as well as the development of initiatives around aging and health care.

  • $222.6 million for seniors and long-term care programs that will improve facilities, home support, adult protection, and more;
  • $422 million towards the province’s nursing home program which aims to invest in improving the services and care of those living in nursing homes; and
  • $214 million towards services and programs that assist in supporting people with disabilities.

New Brunswick Budget 2022 Tax Updates

New Brunswick Budget 2022 provided some significant tax updates for the province which are aimed at developing the growing economy to reach a population of 1 million, as well as to strengthen communities and industries. To see a full and comprehensive review of the tax incentives and other tax measures that have been implemented to achieve this goal, review the Ryan Tax Alert | New Brunswick Budget 2022.

Government Funding for Atlantic Provinces

This document has outlined the top government funding opportunities being made available to businesses and communities in New Brunswick during the 2022–23 term. However, there are many more government funding opportunities for New Brunswick businesses.

To see a full list of programs, visit our Atlantic Funding Directory for an easy-to-use list of programs. To get access to more news like this, sign up for our government funding newsletter for top news and stories.

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