Canada’s 2023 Federal and Provincial Budget Highlights

Learn what Canada’s Budgets Mean for Your Business

Every year, Canada’s federal and provincial governments are responsible for tabling an annual budget. These budget documents address the current state of the province or country, as well as present new government funding programs (or updates to current programs) that are designed to drive the economy, improve quality of life, and more. These programs often focus on key industries in
Canada, such as manufacturing, agriculture, and technology, via a variety of different investment vehicles, such as small business grants, loans, and tax credits.

Mentor Works has analyzed each of the federal and provincial budgets for small business grants Canada will be introducing via our comprehensive highlight articles that cover new government funding opportunities that you should be aware of.

To learn more about new funding programs announced this year, register for a free funding webinar or consider contacting our team today.

To read a comprehensive review of each federal and provincial budget’s tax updates, please visit the Ryan Tax Alert page.

Canada’s Federal and Provincial Budget Reviews

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