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Manitoba Budget 2023: New Grants for Agribusinesses, Natural Resources, and SMEs

On March 7th, 2023, the Government of Manitoba tabled their annual budget ahead of the upcoming provincial election in October. The budget plans for total spending of approximately $20 billion in funding support from 2022-24 to achieve provincial goals, such as improving Manitoba’s workforce and community infrastructure according to summary budget projections.

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The budget is reflective of key challenges facing both Manitoba and Canada and is underscored by the broader global economy and challenges such as inflation, socio-economic complications, and labour market limitations.

“Our government is listening, taking action, and getting things done for the benefit of all Manitobans. That means providing help every step of the way for Manitobans, for the cities and communities they live in, and the services they rely and depend on. Budget 2023 balances financial relief with continued record investments in the priorities that matter most to Manitobans.”

Heather Stefanson, Premier of Manitoba

Manitoba plans to address these challenges head on with a broad range of initiatives. Although there are many expenditures outlined in this 2023 budget that Manitobans may be interested in, this article will focus on programs that pertain to information critical for businesses operating outside of Manitoba.

It is important to note that this summary is not exhaustive of all new funding programs and updates announced but does highlight key aspects most r applicable to business use-cases. 

Business-oriented funding programs, both newly launched and well-established, fall into four key pillars:  

  1. Improving Manitoba’s Communities; 
  2. Updating Manitoba’s Infrastructure, Natural Resources, and Agriculture; 
  3. General Economic Development Initiatives; and  
  4. Health Care Sector Improvements. 
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Government Funding to Improve Manitoba Communities 

The 2023 Manitoba provincial budget will allocate resources towards initiatives designed to improve communities, with a focus on:  

  • Construction, renovation, and expansion of more schools within the province, with a total of $268.5 million dedicated to these capital expenditure projects; 
  • Funding through the Community Economic Development Fund for an additional $15 million in the coming year; 
  • Funding of $100 million for school divisions with the intent of strengthening the education of Manitoba’s future workforce; 
  • Recycling, composting, and waste diversion projects  supported by $8.7 million in government funding; 
  • $50 million available for the Fund for Arts, Culture and Sports in Communities; and 
  • A new capital plan for the Parks Department with an   approved $10 million budget. 

In particular, funding allocated to community projects requiring capital investment will result in the need for third party contractors, such as construction jobs, as well as opportunities for facility upgrades, and present an opportunity for local businesses to secure funding for these costs. 

Looking for funding for your regional municipality? Our Canadian municipality funding programs directory allows organizations to find the best programs available for them today. 

Updating Manitoba’s Infrastructure, Natural Resources, and Agriculture 

Government funding allocated in the Manitoba Budget 2023 will be applied to projects designed to improve Manitoba’s infrastructure. Moreover, the province has identified natural resource initiatives that would be beneficial to the province’s economy, which will also be receiving funding support. Lastly, the agriculture sector will continue to be supported with grant programs to continue boosting the strength of the food sector. 

Manitoba’s Infrastructure 

  • $160.4 million on a yearly basis in support of water and wastewater projects, waste management facilities, roads, bridges, public transportation, recreation, and other capital needs; 
  • The Venture Capital Fund will allocate an additional $50 million towards the fund upon the completion of a special warrant that was initiated in January of 2023; and 
  • Over the next five years, more than $2.5 billion will be invested in trade-enabling highway infrastructure. 

Investing in Natural Resources 

  • An investment of $10 million over the next three years will be made to leverage private sector investment in the mining industry; and 
  • To accelerate the clean-up of Manitoba’s abandoned and orphaned mines, a $50.7-million plan will be implemented over the next five years to accelerate the process. 

Growing Manitoba’s Agriculture Sector 

  • There is a contribution of $103.1 million to Agri-Insurance premiums that will help producers protect themselves against crop production shortfalls caused by natural disasters; 
  • As part of the Sustainable Canadian Agriculture Partnership, the Manitoba government will invest $221 million over the next five years (2023-2028) in the agriculture industry in Manitoba; and 
  • As part of the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy, $2.55 million will be invested in capital expenditures. 

If your business is operating in an agriculture sector in Canada, make sure you secure your free Canadian Agri-Business Growth Guide. This guide delivers key economic statistics and sector trends, as well as provides hundreds of useful insights and links to useful resources for agriculture organizations to leverage in their funding journey. 

General Economy Support Measures for Manitoba 

  • Through the First Peoples Economic Growth Fund, that was established by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, non-traditional lending options will be made available for First Nations Peoples; 
  • In addition to $92.5 million in funding for post-secondary education, this represents a 11.5 per cent increase over 2022/23. Of this funding, $10 million will be used to support the creation and expansion of programs that will address labour market shortages; 
  • To support the development of the economy and attract investments, $20 million has been allocated;  
  • Approximately $170,000 has been allocated for Climate West, an organization that provides climate data and services to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta under the umbrella of a non-profit organization; 
  • A new program for international-educated professionals is being funded with $3.6 million; and 
  • To support regional and strategic economic development, $2 million will be added to the budget. 

Funding dedicated for hiring, training, and continued education are key programs to watch for businesses based in Manitoba. Government funding grants may become available over the coming year for training and skill development activities that align with the province’s goals to strengthen Manitoba’s workforce.  

Watch this video to learn more about government funding for hiring & training activities

Investing in Manitoba’s Health Care Sector 

The Manitoba Budget 2023 has allotted a significant sum of funding support towards the health care sector in Manitoba. Funding is directed towards retaining health care workers, upskilling workers o, and attracting new workers to the sector.  

Manitoba’s Health Care Infrastructure 

A historic $7.9-billion investment in the health system is included in the Manitoba Budget 2023, providing $668 million more to improve health care for Manitobans. Investing in these areas will compliment investments made in subsequent years, such as those outlined in the Manitoba Budget 2022, and new investments addressing emerging issues> Highlights include:  

  • It is estimated that approximately $350 million will be spent on upgrades and replacements to building infrastructure, medical equipment, structural upgrades, heating and cooling, and electrical components of the building; 
  • It is estimated that $277 million will be spent on upgrading and developing information and communication technology;  
  • A total of $95 million dollars will be spent on renovations and new construction of facilities intended for mixing, storing, and distributing pharmaceutical drugs; 
  • As part of the $1.2-billion investment in rural hospitals and health infrastructure, the Manitoba government has also committed to renovating the health care centres throughout Winnipeg during the next four years; and 
  • An ongoing funding program to support RAAM clinics across Canada, including the establishment of a new clinic in Winnipeg, which will be Indigenous led as part of a partnership with the Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre. 

Key opportunities for Manitoba businesses to consider in this allotment of funds centres on supporting infrastructure upgrades to health care facilities. Funding will be designed to support projects for capital investments and communications technology upgrades, and thosevlikely to require third party contractors. 

General Health Care Funding for Manitoba 

  • An investment of $130 million will be made in order to reduce the diagnostic and surgical backlog; 
  • As part of the Health Human Resource Action Plan, the government will continue to invest $200 million in funding; and 
  • There is a $120-million injection into the Pharmacare program, which includes the extension of coverage for insulin pumps to eligible individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. 

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Tax Updates in Manitoba

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