Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) Electric Vehicle Program

Receive up to $3 Million in R&D Funding Support.

A key objective of the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) Electric Vehicle Program is to support the development and demonstration of advanced electric vehicles (EVs) and battery manufacturing technologies. In addition to the targeted priority areas, funding will go toward charging infrastructure, intelligent transportation systems, and more EV-related projects.

For more OVIN programs, visit our Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network Page.

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Electric Vehicle Program

Amount of Funding

In this stream, a maximum of $3,000,000 can be received over a 24-month period. In order to be considered for a job in the private sector, the applicant must meet a minimum match of 2:1.

Amount of Funding from the Canadian Government

Electric Vehicle Program

Eligible Applicants

Applicants may be eligible for this program if they meet the following minimal eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant must be a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) with fewer than 500 full-time employees worldwide.
  • Projects must be carried out in Ontario by applicants who have operations there.

In order to qualify for the program, applicants must initiate at least one project with a partner. Applicants may have as many partners as they wish, so long as they stimulate potential commercial opportunities.

  • Academic institutions;
  • SME’s;
  • National or multinational enterprises;
  • Municipalities;
  • Indigenous communities; and
  • More.
Eligible Applicants for Canadian Government Funding

Electric Vehicle Program

Eligible Activities

Projects must fall under the following criteria:

  • It is not intended for this program to conduct a feasibility study or basic technology research. It is recommended that a project’s Technology Readiness Level ranges from 3 to 9;
  • A typical project involves testing, validation, and piloting;
  • Applicants and partners must have strong collaborations, have scalable outcomes that can be commercialized, and align with the program’s goals; and
  • It is essential that projects demonstrate real products that can be displayed at events, on the road, through partnerships, or at customer locations within Ontario in order to qualify.
Eligible Expenses for Canadian Government Funding

Electric Vehicle Program

Program Deadline

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Program Deadline for Canadian Government Funding
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