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OVIN Unveils Advanced Charging & Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Stream

In a move towards a sustainable transportation future, Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) announces the launch of its groundbreaking Advanced Charging and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Stream under the R&D Partnership Fund. This strategic investment by OVIN, backed by the Ontario Government, is poised to strengthen Ontario’s position as a global frontrunner in the EV revolution. Industry data reveals a surge in electric vehicle (EV) investments, with over $28 billion pouring into the sector in the last three years alone. 

To learn how OVIN plans to bolster innovation and research within the automotive industry, read our blog on the OVIN Report: Growing Ontario’s Automotive Industry.

A Revolutionary Partnership for Growth 

Under this initiative, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ontario stand to gain up to $1 million in support for developing cutting-edge charging and V2G technologies. The aim is to drive crucial advancements in electrification, making Ontario a hub for EV solutions that resonate globally.  

“Through this new partnership fund with OVIN, we will continue to see our SMEs innovate to develop the charging infrastructure necessary for our growing end-to-end EV ecosystem.”

Vic Fedeli, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. 

Shaping Tomorrow’s Charging Landscape 

The Advanced Charging and V2G Stream will empower Ontario SMEs to pioneer innovations across the entire EV charging spectrum. From wireless and high-speed charging to bidirectional and dynamic charging, this program encourages collaboration to bring these technologies from conception to commercialization. Focus areas include energy demand and grid management systems, integration of renewable energy with charging infrastructure, and advancements in energy storage and transmission. 

“This is why we’re streamlining the process for EV charging connections across Ontario, outfitting all 20 renovated ONroute stations along Highways 400 and 401 with fast chargers, investing $91 million to bring public EV chargers to small towns and enabling a new Ultra-Low Overnight price plan to help EV drivers save up to $90 per year for charging at home.”

Todd Smith, Minister of Energy. 

Tackling Grid Challenges for a Sustainable Tomorrow 

Recognizing the strain on grid capacity due to the surge in EV adoption, Ontario is leveraging OVIN to strategically address energy management challenges. The Advanced Charging and V2G Stream develops innovative technologies that harmonize electrification demands with existing energy systems. These advancements aim to create robust energy management systems, enhancing Ontario’s readiness for the accelerating shift towards electrification. 

Prabmeet Sarkaria, Minister of Transportation, emphasizes the program’s significance in propelling Ontario as a global leader in EVs. The Advanced Charging and V2G Stream not only fuels R&D but also prepares the workforce for high-paying jobs and lays the foundation for a sustainable future. 

“Our new Advanced Charging and V2G Stream will bring together innovators across all corners of the province to develop and deploy Ontario-made solutions that will not only scale up our province’s readiness for electric vehicles on the road but transform our future energy capacity and ability to support the most significant mobility revolution for years to come,”

Raed Kadri, Head of the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network. 

EV Funding and Upcoming Deadlines  

OVIN, spearheaded by the Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI) on behalf of the Government of Ontario, is a strategic initiative aimed at solidifying Ontario’s stature as a pioneering force in advanced automotive technology and intelligent mobility solutions. Focused on domains like connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and electric and low-carbon vehicle technologies, OVIN extends comprehensive support to Ontario-based automotive and mobility technology firms. 

As the Advanced Charging and V2G Stream opens to applications on April 1st, Ontario’s innovators are encouraged to explore this opportunity. For detailed eligibility requirements and the application process, visit the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) page. 

With the automotive industry being a priority for the Ontario government, the province is launching the Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP) this March 27, 2024. O-AMP supports small- to medium- sized businesses (SMEs) within the automotive supply chain as they modernize and adjust to the changing needs of their customers. The program is expected to open in March, and this blog looks at O-AMP requirements, project eligibility, deadlines, and funding amounts.  

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