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Low Carbon Economy Challenge: Up to $250k in Cleantech Grants

Canada’s Low Carbon Economy Fund (LCEF) was launched in March 2018 with up to $500 million to support projects that implement specific activities/technologies that have previously demonstrated effectiveness in reducing GHG emissions.

Provided through the Low Carbon Economy Fund, the Low Carbon Economy Challenge funds projects that generate environmentally friendly growth

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Agricultural Clean Technology Program: Up to $5M in Agriculture Grants

Canadian business owners in the agriculture industry are a key driver of the country’s economy. As Canada continues to transition to cleaner and more sustainable practices and technology, it’s important for the agri-sector to join in these contributions. Clean technology allows agricultural producers and processors to undertake resourceful uses of

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Green Freight Assessment Program (GFAP): Up to $100k in Funding

UPDATE: The Green Freight Assessment Phase is now closed and not accepting applications. The deadline was November 1, 2019, OR until funds had been depleted. The Implementation Phase is still open.
Heavy-duty vehicles account for some of Canada’s highest transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. While there is a lot of discussion about

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