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How to Use Business Process Mapping for Operational Success

Business process mapping is a lean management strategy that seeks to understand and eliminate sources of waste. Companies often rely on many processes to provide value to customers; by mapping how these processes work, firms can identify which activities add value and which activities cause friction in the process, making

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Use Data to Build High Performing Teams

The Power of Knowledge
Teams are crucial to the success of any organization; they are the parts that make the sum of your outcome. Your vision relies on the individual and interpersonal dynamics of those teams, and understanding them starts with identifying and measuring key points. But where do we start?


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Will 2016 be the Year of Big Data Analytics?

Massive amounts of high-quality data enables businesses to make calculated decisions that fuel competitiveness, profitability, and success. In a landscape where owners and executives need to be agile and definitive with their decision making, being able to gather and process big data provides a critical advantage over competitors. Big data

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