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[WEBINAR] March 27: Training Grants for Upskill Development

Targeted training programs for employee development can help Canadian companies scale operations and establish a competitive advantage. But despite the clear benefits of workforce progression, few organizations allocate enough capital to invest in upskill, leadership, and operational development.
Organizations want growth, and the ability to sustain success in the constantly changing

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How to Obtain a Business BCeID for Government Funding Applications

British Columbia businesses can apply for several types of government funding programs aimed at fueling competitiveness. This includes funding to offset the costs of business and market expansion, capital and technology adoption, research and development, and workforce development projects. While some of these government funding programs are provided federally, those

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COJG Training Grants for Employer Consortiums

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) is a training grant that supports employers implementing third-party training programs to improve employee skillsets. Since it was launched in 2014, the program has helped thousands of companies across Ontario to develop and maintain a highly skilled workforce.

There have been some significant changes to COJG

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