Updated Employment Ontario Services Strengthen Local Workforce

Employment Ontario Services Increase Support for Workers

The Government of Ontario recently announced a suite of changes to Employment Ontario programming and services. The government is launching a new system that will improve Ontario employment services by focusing on the needs of local communities, workers, and employers.

Employment Ontario provides a range of programs, services, and funding opportunities to help Ontarian workers and employers create and get good jobs.

The services and programs offered through Employment Ontario include a range of hiring and wage incentives, employee training and skill development programs, and job matching support. Nearly one million Ontarians are serviced through Employment Ontario and these modernizations will help additional Ontarians access employment services throughout the province.

What are the Employment Ontario Programming Changes?

The Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (MTCU) will be piloting system changes in three regions: Peel, Hamilton-Niagara, and Muskoka-Kawarthas. This will allow them to ensure the system changes are functional before rolling them out across the province by 2022.

The goal of the changes is to improve access to employment services in Ontario and support Ontarians in finding gainful employment in a changing economy.

Key changes to Ontario employment services include:

  • Creation of an easy-to-use and efficient system that meets the employment needs of all businesses, community stakeholders, and job seekers;
  • Improving employment service delivery to better match the needs of the local economy in each community; and
  • Selecting service managers to plan and deliver tailored employment services to the local level.

Ultimately, the Province’s goal is to ensure programming is functional and meets individual community needs. Ross Romano, Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities explains: “We want all Ontarians to have the skills they need to get a good job. Unfortunately, current employment services are not delivering results and often don’t provide people looking for a job with a clear path to employment. Our government is creating a stronger employment services system for Ontarians, including those on social assistance. Our new model will be easy to use, be more localized and create better outcomes for workers and communities.”

What do the Employment Ontario Changes Mean for Employers?

The programming and employment service changes are all aimed at improving local service delivery. As opposed to a “one size fits all” approach, the Ministry is opting for programming and services to fit local labour market needs. Employers are going to have improved access to supports and services, and workers/job seekers will have increased access to support that works for them in their local communities.

For employers, these changes mean that they will have increased access to a skilled talent pool and resources to work more closely with Employment Ontario.

Access Government Funding for Employers

In addition to accessing employment support services through Employment Ontario, business owners in Ontario are able to access a range of funding supports to help employ and train their teams. Hiring grants, for example, provide a wage subsidy to an employer for creating a job and hiring a recent graduate.

There are a range of hiring programs available focused on specific industries or job types. Hiring programs typically provide up to 50% coverage of a new hire’s wage for the first 4-6 months of employment. Employers can also utilize government funding to subsidize the costs of engaging a third-party trainer. Through programs, employers can receive up to 83% of third-party training costs.

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