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IESO Conservation Fund: Ontario Energy Efficiency Grants

Energy conservation activities have long been linked to environmentalism, but the shifting economics of energy use, especially in Ontario, has led to many businesses “going green.” There is now a financial case to be made for investing in energy-efficient technologies; higher energy rates and increased global competitiveness are putting pressure

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Canadian Agricultural Partnership Grants for Ontario Food Processors

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) is a federal-provincial-territorial suite of government funding programs for food producers and processors. While some programs are available to businesses across Canada, others only provide support to specific provinces. These programs provide support to enhance what was previously available through the Growing Forward 2 initiative.


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Commercial Greenhouse Lighting and Energy Innovations

Canada is a nation well-positioned to capitalize on the market for greenhouse-grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Each year there are more greenhouses operating, more greenhouse space available, and as result, greater output of greenhouse-produced products. Ontario leads all provinces in this area and generated over $1.6 billion in sales

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GreenON Industries: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Incentives

Clean technologies are transforming industries across Canada, but perhaps nowhere as much as Ontario. Electricity generation is becoming more driven by renewables, and more manufacturers are evolving their processes to use less energy. This is leading to a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) generation and more sustainable, environmentally conscious

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Greenhouse Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative

Ontario’s greenhouse industry has witnessed rapid growth over the last decade. Nowhere else in Canada has a larger or faster growing greenhouse sector than in Ontario, who dominates with over two-thirds all Canadian greenhouse vegetable production. From 2011 to 2016, Ontario added 25.7 million square feet (29.8% increase) of greenhouse

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CIPEC: Receive Grants to Support ISO 50001 Certification Costs

Improving energy performance is an objective of many Canadian manufacturers in 2017. Not only are energy-efficient facilities more environmentally sustainable, but they also provide a significant reduction in overall energy costs. To become more energy efficient, industrial energy users are developing and implementing energy conservation programs. Fortunately, these types of

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